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9 years ago - 27.02.2015

New Guerlain

(photo via bergdorfgoodman)

Seeing a beautiful black and gold bottle at the Guerlain counter is exciting because it is not that often that a new Guerlain comes out. The last one I remember was Myrrhe et Delires, which left me thoroughly unimpressed. Santal Royal, however, did not have the same effect.

Smelling this sharp spicy sandalwood immediately made me think how masculine this really is. Yet I could totally wear this too, and do so.

Sandalwood is not my favorite wood but the spices made it much more palatable and sensuous. There is a note in there that I do not like and that eventually put me off this perfume, but that comes much later in the drydown.

The opening is a beautiful bouquet of woods and spices with a bit of jasmine freshness thrown in. A promising new favorite for many, I would guess, especially since it is so unisex and suited for colder weather.

The official notes are:

Top notes: neroli, jasmine

Heart notes: peach, rose, cinnamon

Base notes: sandalwood, leather note, amber notes, oud, musk note

($200 at Bergdorf and Neiman)

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