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The scent of Sweden, or why Chance goes well with blondes :-)
First of all: It was in spring 2007 when I spent our Easter holiday with my husband in beautiful Sweden, more precisely in Stockholm. After we landed at the airport of Stockholm in the late afternoon on Good Friday and could finally move into our hotel in Östermalm in the early evening, we wanted to have a little something in the restaurant vis a vis on the recommendation of the receptionist of our hotel, specially as this restaurant is supposedly very popular for its Swedish specialities also among the locals.

No sooner said than done, hungry we entered the chic little restaurant and were very nicely received by the staff. Since Good Friday in Sweden is obviously also a big holiday and the restaurant was bursting at the seams, we were all the more pleased that the waitress was able to free a small table for us in the corner.

There we also had a good overview of the whole restaurant and its visitors. I have to say that I love being an observer in a strange city. I'm very interested in the people and their habits and I love to absorb the chaotic, quiet or family life to the fullest

Well, and there I am sitting there with my husband in the small, manageable restaurant in front of my menu as a group of Swedish young women marches past us to take a seat at the neighbouring table. In the first moment I am quite flattened at the sight of the 4 blondes, as one was prettier than the other. So there the 4 Graces with their long light blonde hair and blue eyes sat at the next table and did justice to the cliché of the Nordic beauties.

But one of the ladies stayed in my memory especially, because she not only looked beautiful, but also smelled elegantly fine, with a touch of fruity sweetness paired with a certain spiciness, which gave the fragrance the typical Chanel DNA in my opinion. The whole evening long a fine breath of this scent was wafting over to our table and I would have been on fire to ask the young lady which Chanel scent she was wearing, I was so sure about it. But in the end I did not dare to ask for it and I enjoyed the evening with my husband to the fullest with delicious Swedish food and good wine and the whole trip to Stockholm was a great experience.

But now for the fragrance:

With the first spray, a pleasantly fruity start with a peppery note is the beginning. This takes away the sweetness of the fragrance and makes it appear elegant and very feminine. Later on, a few flowers join in, but they skilfully stay in the background and give the peppery fruity note just a little polish, so as not to appear too madam-like. Thus the fragrance develops in a fine and noble way with a modern effervescence and lightness. I admit, the Chanel DNA can not be denied, it does not have to :-)

For me, it is the scent of Nordic beauties or the scent that a tall blonde of Nordic type should definitely wear, even though Chance may be standing for the one or other brunette lady as well. ;-)

And no, I'm not usually a person of the clichéd variety, but maybe as a woman I was just so surprised about the beauty of the Swedish ladies and especially the lady with the Chanel scent (I bet it was Chance) ;-)