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The Gold Standard...
Events occur in real time...

The opening is sickly sweet and I assume this is due to the jasmine note which I guess I'm now not a fan of. I get gaiac with aoud faintly lurking in the background but never taking center stage.
Some users have detected a raspberry note, but this wasn't the case for me.
It takes about 20 minutes for the cloying to phase out. Not a fan at all in the opening, but hang in there & you will be rewarded in the dry down just as the case with the original A*Men.

After 20 minutes the fragrance smooths. It's a sweet woody tone, the aoud must be giving off a faint pulse, as I don't find it earthy or dry at all.

The dry down.. Beautiful..

Sure enough, like clock work I struck gold at the 90 minute mark..

It develops into a soft creamy gourmand scent. A solid 3-4 hours I'm left with a creamy vanilla custard scent, some cinnamon with a woody undertone.

It's sweet, but not a synthetic sugary scent 'Rochas Man' has which tends to be linear.
24 Gold definitely isn't linear, it's more refined & presents a luxurious vibe that is inviting but not dominating like '1 Million' is.

The projection up until this point has been very good.

5+hours in, it's approaching the skin scent stage. A gorgeous edible cinnamon scent.

This phase lasted for half a day (12 hours) no joke. I Woke up the following day, and I could still smell the trace on my hand, smelt like luxurious bar of soap.

Ideal scent

Warm, creamy, comforting & inviting in a subtle way.

If you enjoy 'Rochas Man', this is hands down the better choice. It's classier & smells more expensive.

Although '1 Million' has its own place in the night life environment, this is more ideal for a relaxed environment or occasions. Restaurant/movies/home/bedroom..

A lovely UNISEX fragrance which has an affordable price tag, smooth & creamy dry down which could be mistaken for a niche scent.

Verdict 8/10
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ZeZe 12 years ago 6 2
Sensual foreplay. Worth it's weight in gold.
Musc Ravageur by Frédéric Malle..

I got my hands on a 10ml decant recently so I decided I would give this a few good wears before any review.

The opening took me by surprise, for the wrong reasons I will add. I would best describe the opening as a bottle of medicine alongside some baby powder.
Not the best start for the fragrance I had high expectations for.

The opening mellows after 5minutes or so & I didn't pick up on the musk note up until the 30minute mark, which I noticed by that stage it was developing into something warmth & soft, but nothing to suggest It would win me over.

60-90 minutes pass by & Musc Revageur has now developed into a gorgeous, soft, warm & irresistible musk scent which is flirting with my skin. I find it to be so sensual, yummy & irresistible which puts me in such a good mood, I feel like Casanova at this stage. The longer I wear this, the more complex the scent, so gorgeous without any over powering smell that would scare the opposite sex away.

The projection is good but the longetivity is fantastic(10hrs+ on me), I could smell the trail on my skin the following morning which just made me want to put more on.

Perfect unisex fragrance for people in there late 20's & up.

A soft, subtle, sensual warm scent that would set the perfect mood for a romantic evening. Give this a a good hour before it works its magic.

The verdict: 10/10

Sensual foreplay that's worth its price. My new favourite fragrance.
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