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What fragrance group/s do you prefer ?

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What fragrance group/s do you prefer ? 12 years ago

I wonder which fragrance group / s you like ? Do you stick to one in particular or do you enjoy a rather wide spectrum in perfumes ?

As I am a person who gets bored easily and who loves variety in general I use various scents out of these groups :


Hence, I have no signature scent (not even one per group).

Am looking forward to your posts.
12 years ago
I enjoy fragrances from all groups except maybe gourmands. I especially like well done chypres.
12 years ago

I usually go for these groups:

Oriental Vanilla
Oriental Floral
Oriental Woody
Floral Woody Musk
12 years ago
I like musky white florals, the so called "clean scents". I do not enjoy a big variety, though I recognize the art of perfumery in many scents, I don not like to use them myself such as older classics (due to oakmoss or cibet), chypres, Orientals, Candy or smoky and spicy stuff. Besides my preference for clean and noble fragrances I sometimes, but rather seldomly enjoy warm seductive scents.
12 years ago
I usually go straight towards:


If there's one house that creates for my specific tastes, I would have to say it's Serge Lutens. Can you tell from my collection? lol
12 years ago
The same here, Flaconneur (with a question mark behind Woody and without Green).
12 years ago
@ Louce, I'm convinced that I was one of the scent glove toting nobles using it to deflect the human stench that plagued everyone (no pun intended). I love leather scents, especially old fragrances.
12 years ago
Fragrances I like, well usually I like Orientals. Recently I have got a bit tired of Gourmands.

I tend to like 'thick' scents, ones with a fair bit of Sillage, I think it is because I'm not very subtle.

Having a bit of a thing for Floral Aldehydes at the moment, sorry Laughing
12 years ago
I prefer:

Fruity Chypres
12 years ago
I am pretty much an oriental and woody lover. and I´d say all my favourites are pretty much unisex with the exception of a few überfloral orientals
I do have scents from most groups but these are the ones I tend to go for.
aquatics, marine and clean scents are not for me
I do like my fumes to be quite the stinkers.
notes that catches my eye and that I love are amber, tonka, benzoin, oud, rose, resins, vanilla, musk, booze, tobacco
can´t stand too much violets, metallic notes, calone, coconut, overripe fruitnotes. clove & cumin, liqorice........
but hey....I`d try anything atleast once
12 years ago
...except incest and country dancing Wink

There is no group I can exclude as a whole, but flowery scents are pretty much a safe bet as long as they are not overly aquatic or musky, and they shouldn't be stinkers - but that's difficult to define in few words.
Chypres are not for me generally, but I like a few of them pretty much.
I am just discovering gourmand and oriental fragrances.
12 years ago
my preferences lay on:
- fruity
- sweet
- gourmand
- aquatic
- powdery
- soft floral
(sometimes green, sometimes fresh, sometimes citrus)

I don't like:
- resinous
- leathery
- earthy
- smoky
(too oriental, too woody, too synthetic)
12 years ago
I like a variety of scents, but tend to gravitate mostly towards Oriental Woody, Oriental Floral, White Florals (although I starting to feel like I've overdosed on those), Citrus Aromatics, Aromatics in general and Green perfumes.

Not a big fan of Floral Aldehydes and overly sweet,fruity scents.
12 years ago
I think it's easier to say what I don't like

- cheap synthetic smelling stuff - now that my taste is getting a bit more refined I simply can't stand some of the stuff that I used to like
- have problems with heavily indolic/civet fragrances - but getting into it
- can't stand pure (white) florals, florals with woods, spices and other interesting stuff are ok
- too powdery in combination with very sweet sugar; heliotropin, some synthetic sandalwood (heliotrop of etra, l'instant magic, some granny-perfumes; but cannot generalize - I love Habit Rouge)
- aldehydes can be difficult (No. 5, Calèche etc.)

Well, I like
- everything interesting!

- sexy animalic, but not too animalic ("Déclaration")
- spicy-oriental with incense ("l'Air du désert marocain", "Youth Dew"...)
- spicy-oriental-woody "Égoïste" forever!
- cold-pipe ("Équipage", "New York")
- hot pipe (Fumerie turque)
- citrus with "twist" ("eau sauvage", "pour monsieur"
- VETIVER! ("Le Vetiver" by Lubin, "Hermèssence Vétiver Tonka", "No. 19", "Sycomore" etc,)
- Leather ("Arsène Lupin", "Chamade Homme", "Bel Ami", "Kelly Calèche", still struggling with "Bandit" and stuff like that)
- Iris ("Dior Homme", "Infusion d'Iris", Bois d'Iris by VC&A, "No. 19")
-"special" Lavenders ("Jicky", "Taste of Heaven", "Égoïste"...)
etc. etc.
Miscellaneous 12 years ago
I Lean Towards Spicy Orientals (The Original Opium) (Raffinee)(Safran Troublant)(Piment Brulant) (Youth Dew) (Coco) (Obsession)
Fendi Theorema Caravelle Epicee

Leather Cypres (Cabachard) (Bandit)
(Tabacco Habanita)

Florals (Vintage Diorissmo L'air du Temps Chloe eau de Pafume Chloe Love Pure Poison Poison Tendre Pure DkNY

Woody Orientals PG02 Coze Alamut Voleur de Roses Kapsule Woody
Le Feu d'Issey Samsara Midnight Poison Toujours Moi Le Baiser Du Dragon

Fruity Florals Shi Heat Rush Believe Ed Hardy Women's EDT Inspire

Oriental Floral Amouage Lyric Woman Boucheron Jasmin Noir
Beyonce Heat L'Huere Bleue Euphoria Nuit de Noel
Dior Addict

Cyrpre Mitsouko.

Floral Aldehydes Chanel No 5 Arpege

I don't care for is Real Greenish Cypres like Chanel No 19 Niki Saint Phelle
12 years ago
I'm mostly interested in orientals, woods, citrusy-green (but strong), tropical and gourmands
11 years ago
I adore Fresh Floral fragrances that are silky-smooth and neither too sweet nor too tart. I also like some of the Clean Floral Aquatics, but only if they inhabit the distinctly feminine side of the scent spectrum. I tend to enjoy a variety of fruity and refreshing Green/Floral-Green top notes as long as they are not overtly astringent or acidic. I flatly detest gourmand scents saturated with sickly-sweet-overly ripened fruit, vanilla, coconut, caramel, chocolate, milk, sugar, and/or drowning in a foul low-quality-patchouli based broth. I like to eat food, not wear it. Heavily animalic doses of civet, leather, musk, castoreum, or anything with that grotesquely awful salty decomposing sea life accord is nauseatingly repellent to me as well.

I like a base of fine woods, grasses, orris root, and very light musks laced with a touch of amber and a few subtle spices here and there. I especially enjoy a fine vetiver, sandalwood, cypress, cedar, or bamboo. I love to burn very high quality Japanese incense in my home. That being said, I dislike many perfumes with incense listed as a major component because the incense ingredients used in them are cheap, acrid, headache inducing, and remind me of Far Eastern Asian funeral rituals.

The same applies to the much vaunted "oudh" ingredient. I don't think there is a more beautiful scent than high quality kyara agarwood. A number of Japanese incense companies sell pure kyara incense and it is indeed the epitome of beauty, serenity, and meditative richness encapsulated in scent. However, many perfumes I have sampled with "oudh" listed as the major ingredient do not use this high quality kyara. I don't like them either from a bottle sniff, a tester card spray, or on my skin. I find that low-grade "oudh" is rankly hideous. It smells of a muddy, medicinal, putrid barn filled with hay, feces, and spilled turpentine.

With regard to fragrances, I am as always, in search of an ever more profoundly beautiful, exquisitely fresh floral that is superbly blended, smooth, and elegant.
11 years ago
I'm open to anything but am mostly drawn to green perfumes, florals (typicaly white), chypres and orientals of all kinds. Like a good leather too and am not afraid of aldehydes.
11 years ago
The least favorite of mine is Fruity.
10 years ago
From the looks of it, due to this wonderful site and database, I seem to prefer the oriental woodies, and the chypres.
10 years ago
I think most of my collection (at least the full bottles) are florals and/or orientals -- by far those are the groups that most consistently please me. Leather and tobacco accords are to my liking while I won't wear that many leather/tobacco scents alone. While woodies are nice, most of the time they are just too bland.

I thought I hated chypres, but the warmer it gets the more they appeal to me! My tastes are definitely expanding so who knows what I'll grow up to like.
10 years ago
Orientals - all kinds
white florals
fruity (not grapefruit thou)
vanilla heavy

I get bored easy so I like to change up my scent during the day and then wear a super sweet gourmand or fruity to bed for sweet dreams.
10 years ago
I enjoy everything except florals. My perfume choice depends on the weather that day, where I might be going, what i have to do.
During the day, I'll reach for my chypres, heavier orientals, the stronger stock I own. Later on, I'll switch to my gourmands, and usually at bed, use a light gourmand to drift off.
Owning so many, I'll wear a few different ones daily. But to answer the question of preference, no, I enjoy them all, ezcept those heavy on rhe floral notes only.
10 years ago
My favourite category would be aldehydic green/floral/leather chypres. I also enjoy aromatic masculine scents. The categories that are under-represented (if at all) in my collection are gourmand, orientals/florientals and vanilla/amber scents. I suspect I am the only person who has this bias?
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