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Inspried by the Moon

Inspried by the Moon 11 years ago
can you suggest me a good moon Inspired Fragrance
or anything Moon Related The Feeling of the Night
11 years ago
Soir de Lune by Sisley

Cartier de Lune

Dolce& Gabanna 18 La Lune
11 years ago
"Nocturnes" feels like little stars brightening up the nightly sky- nice and classy! "Broadway Nite" deals with the same subject, but here the stars are rather bright spotlights from big ads and shows that accompany a night out in the city- I didnt like that one! "Nightflight" is the seductive feeling of romantic longing in the black of the night-very nice, but actually a male fragrance, nowaday maybe considered as unisex because of its softness
Fragrance Consultation 11 years ago
Thanks keep them Comming
11 years ago
Christian Dior Poison!!!!

Twisted Evil
11 years ago
Laura Mercier Eau de Lune is obviously inspired by the moon, but I dont recommend it, opening is too sharp.
Moon inspired.. maybe Crystal noir.
11 years ago
Sun mon Stars Wink
and L heure Bleaue <3 to me at least
11 years ago
"Moon Aoud" by Montale? Wink
11 years ago
"Soir de Lune"
"Come la Luna"
"Cartier de Lune"
"Armani Code Luna"
"Eau de Lune"
"18 La Lune"
"Magical Moon"
"Honey and the Moon" by Tokyo Milk
11 years ago
SL Clair de Musc, for a pearly musc like the moonlight.
AG Nuit Etoilée, for the chill of the night outdoors.
Illamasqua Freak, for the little nocturnal creatures that dance under the moon.
10 years ago
What a lovely discussion. I used to have one of those oils (made in india), from an incense store, it was called "Liquid Moon" that has always made me think of moonlight. Another fragrance that makes me think of the moon is "Artemisia" by penhaligon.
But rather than single perfeumes i also think of Notes, they would be night blooming flowers, night air with that hint of woodsmoke, maybe some incense. Also hints of earth & green.... I guess as i seem to be out in the fullmoon lit night!
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10 years ago
10 years ago
For me, it wouldn't be in the name, it would be in the notes. Something cool, dewy and soft... Loaded with night blooming jasmine, perhaps. No spice. Bvlgari Voile de Jasmin?
10 years ago
Jesus del Pozo IN WHITE
(or its much more expensive twin, Dior PURE POISON)
10 years ago
+1 for "Nuit Étoilée" by Annick Goutal. Marvelous scent that perfectly captures the vibe of a frosty night.
10 years ago
No idea what this smells like, Inis Moonlight

10 years ago
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10 years ago
How about this one. "Magical Moon" by Hanae Mori
10 years ago
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The mind of a great perfumer 10 years ago
Andy Tauer has a charming blog and lets us share what he is creating.

He has in mind a "single floral" line under the title, "Sotto La Luna"

I am so excited.

Here is a heads-up, quoted from a recent blog post, dated 6/17/2013

"So… Lily: Would be a nice sotto la luna scent, too. What an opulent lady. Her fragrance is simply amazing. Intoxicating yet elegant, in a certain way. But for sure super powerful. I guess Ms. Lily will have to spend the night out on the balcony in the coming days. I did a base, about two years ago, for Lily, kind of green and powdery ..."

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10 years ago
Two come to mind by Ghost
1: "Moonlight"
2. "Deep Night"- the bottle is even shaped like a sliver of the moon.
10 years ago

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