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Best green

Best green 14 days ago

Byredo flowerhead

or synthetic Jungle frederic malle?

12 days ago
12 days ago

(Untitled)Or untitled

5 days ago

nuit de bakelite

2 days ago

I don't have many green fragrances TBH, but one that i do own that i think could be considered green is Essential (Eau de Toilette)Essential Eau de Toilette from Lacoste. Some people see it as a gym fragrance due to it's poor performance, but i see it as more than that. I have also seen people say that it leans on almost being niche when it comes to the smell and i have to say if you are talking about niche in the terms of scent being rare i can agree. I have not smelled anything else like it and when i got it at release in the mid 2000s all my friends wanted a spray of it over my others that i had at the time. I have a sample of Join The Club - Torino21Join The Club - Torino21 and would pick Essential (Eau de Toilette)Essential Eau de Toilette over that any day. I just wish they didn't swap the metal lid out for that plastic one that is on it now.

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