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The fragrance label was originally a small perfumery founded by Angela Flanders (born 1927) in 1985 in the center of a London flower market. Flanders already had a career as a costume dressmaker and was looking for a new creative challenge.

At first, Angela Flanders was solely inspired by her talent and creative imagination. This changed in 1995 when the book "Aromatics" by the author Mitchelle Beazley accidentally fell into her hands. This book fundamentally changed the way Angela Flanders looked at her craft. From then on, she regarded her fragrances as "liquid feelings" whose character stands and falls with the careful selection of ingredients. The brand "Angela Flanders" started to represent a skillful blend of art, magic, and elegance.

Her daughter Kate Flanders took over, following Angela’s death in 2016. The label remained a brand that caters to a niche and loyal clientele.

The "Angela Flanders" range includes a variety of appealing flavors. The selection ranges from fruity tangerine to spicy mint to pure exoticism such as jasmine. Pampered customers can choose from more than 40 products in total - all related to skincare, cosmetics, therapy, and room care.

In 2012, the fragrance "Precious One" received the "FiFi Award," which is only given for exceptional new fragrances.
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