Palissandre d'Or 2015

Palissandre d'Or by Aedes de Venustas
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7.7 / 10 133 Ratings
Palissandre d'Or is a popular perfume by Aedes de Venustas for women and men and was released in 2015. The scent is woody-spicy. It is still in production. Pronunciation
We may earn a commission when you buy from links on our site, including the eBay Partner Network and Amazon.

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Pink pepperPink pepper CinnamonCinnamon CorianderCoriander NutmegNutmeg
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PatchouliPatchouli Copaiba balsamCopaiba balsam Ceylonese sandalwoodCeylonese sandalwood Nootka cypressNootka cypress AmbroxanAmbroxan Chinese toonChinese toon Virginia cedarVirginia cedar


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Delicate Rosewood
This really is an unusual beauty, but too shy for its own good. I continue to be tempted to buy the occasionally appearing discounted bottles, but there’s still a sizeable decant sitting on my shelf that I need to get through, and, more importantly, there’s also a new bottle of Genie de Bois by Keiko Mecheri, which to my nose smells like the accidental out of wedlock child between Palissandre and Guerlain’s tender forest violets from Apres L’Ondee. It’s also way more assertive and more long lived on both skin and clothing. And yet, here I sit, with my nose deep diving into the notes, and I cannot get over how lovely this is. Subtle and restrained, yes. But still remarkable.

If you love woody notes but don’t care for sweetness, this is very elegant and exquisitely done. I’m noticing that some Aedes de Venustas perfumes got new bottles and maybe there’s a chance this hidden little gem will also be polished to shine a little brighter and longer? Who knows.
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... but what a one. Because Palissandre d'Or makes it unmistakably clear that you have to do it not only with profane wood in front of the hut, but with noble parquet.

Evil tongues would claim, the fragrance could be smoothly sponsored by the hardware store, others feel rather in the seventh rosewood heaven.
To properly assign the individual ingredients seems to be a tricky to unsolvable task. And somehow you can not get rid of the impression that here are also a few unnatural substances got in, which are not at all disturbing. What you can definitely make out are not too dark but quite noble woods and spicy notes, such as a minimal pinch of pepper and a faint hint of cinnamon. The whole quite taking back or unobtrusive and extremely soft.

Later in the drydown, the sophistication of the associated woods comes out veneer-like. There can ultimately even the patchouli prevail, which gives Palissandre d'Or a lively coating.

All in all, this wood is a little too thin for me, that is, I somehow lack the resounding argument that triggers this "must have" reflex. A little more radiance would not have harmed the fragrance in my opinion, but Palissandre d'Or makes up for it with its unisex charm. I.e. the sex of the wearer is here actually no matter, only a seasoned maturity should be present to underline the down-to-earth character olfactory.
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