Terre de L'Encens 2012

Terre de L'Encens by Cloon Keen Atelier
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5.9 / 10 5 Ratings
Terre de L'Encens is a perfume by Cloon Keen Atelier for women and men and was released in 2012. The scent is earthy-smoky. The production was apparently discontinued.
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Submitted by Kankuro, last update on 24.04.2020.
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A lovely dry, church-like incense...
A very nice and intriguing fragrance from Cloon Keen Atelier. Ireland is not known for perfume making, but this is a lovely small niche house with a positive attitude and I'm impressed by this creation of theirs: Terre de L'Encens.

Terre de L'Encens could be translated as "Earth Incense" but I think the creators meant "Land of Incense", and they mention how this was inspired by the use of it in Eastern cultures. I can see what they mean here, because the smell of this reminds me of the incense I have smelt in an old Greek church!

For me this perfume contains a combination of two notes which I love: Frankincense (Olibanum) and Iris (Orris root). It comes across as a powdery but dry incense fragrance. It's kind of beautiful... and I see it almost like a spiritual type of incense. Not in any way a strong one, more like a subtle, delicate one. I do appreciate delicate fragrances (like Jean-Claude Ellena's work for Hermès). This one is not too strong, it stays on the skin and gives the feeling of a warm, dry place. A lot like the inside of an old church, with incense in the background, but not a strong, burning incense. It's more like visiting the church at the end of the day before the doors are closed and you can still smell the incense in the air from the whole day, mixed with the smell of the perfume of all the people who have visited there. It's very evocative, and I like it very much. Great for trying.
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Crisp but soft, fresh but earthy, cool but warm. Contrasts in a bottle that work.
I'm not normally compelled to write reviews but this fragrance made me sit up. What an unusual combination of irissy, incense and earthy but clean vibes. I really like this. Some usual ingredients have been combined in a very unusual way. It has really worked well to produce a cool, crisp fragrance that is fresh but doesn't belong in the normal citrus department, but more in the clean laundry room. Then just as you think it might be too clean, then the labdanum and the iris bring out their more earthy natures and bring this back to a really lovely and unusual skin scent. Not overpowering at all, just perfect. Nice for the office, a meeting or a formal do. No stinker here. I can see this with a very crisp suit or jeans and a fresh white ironed shirt. A yes from me. It would be advisable to take out a top up bottle with you, but worth topping up.
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