Cilice Eau de Parfum

Cilice (Eau de Parfum) by Euphorium Brooklyn
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Cilice (Eau de Parfum) is a popular perfume by Euphorium Brooklyn for women and men. The release year is unknown. The scent is resinous-woody. It is still in production.
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Elemi resinElemi resin FrankincenseFrankincense LabdanumLabdanum CistusCistus Monastry brewed liqueur AmbergrisAmbergris AngelicaAngelica BenzoinBenzoin CastoreumCastoreum CedarCedar CloveClove HoneyHoney OudOud BeeswaxBeeswax Birch tarBirch tar CoumarinCoumarin LeatherLeather PapyrusPapyrus


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Submitted by ExUser, last update on 19.09.2023.
Variant of the fragrance concentration
This is a variant of the perfume Cilice (Perfume Oil) by Euphorium Brooklyn, which differs in concentration.


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Winter is coming
It is a type of incense smell, like many that exist in the niche perfume market. Nothing very different or special.
I can't smell anything that reminds me of castoreum, oud, or honey.
Tarry incense and resins with laudanum, is what I mostly perceive.
The silage seems extremely weak for a scent like this, I would say the weakest in that sense of those I know.
A rather scarce standard lasting, and only flush with the skin.
It is the scent of a gloomy, dark winter that evokes me, so I can't imagine it in the morning in the daylight in summer.
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In Cily's garden..
Cily was an oddball old coot,
205 years he already had on the hump,
but he was by no means rusty.
He had a long white beard that he had to wrap twice around his neck to keep from stepping on it, and an old straw hat adorned his wild, gray mop of hair.
This straw hat was downright fused with Cily's wild hair, even various birds used it for nesting now and then.

Today was a beautiful day, Cily was in the garden weeding around by his bees. He had lit a pipe especially for the purpose, benzo warm smoke now puffed from it.
A special mixture which glistened incense-like in the air and laid over everything a
resinous glow over everything.
His bees were soothed by this balmy scent, flying over the wild flowers while Cily tinkered with the beehive.
He squeezed the honey from the waxy combs, rubbing the wax between his knobby fingers and enjoying the delightfully strong aroma that had now formed around him.
The fine smoke from his pipe grew thicker, hovering over Cily like an ethereal cloud by now.

Cily put on an old scuffed leather glove and reached for the queen bee. This one immediately sat on his hand, soothed by the creaky leather smell.
The incense-like scent from his pipe, with a note of clove mingling in between, also caused the queen bee to feel at ease.
Cily spotted something suspicious about the beehive.
He took the pipe out of his mouth and sniffed the worn spot.
Indeed these horny little beavers were using his beehive to mark their territory. Well wait, if he could get his knobby hands on these fellows.
He put the queen bee back and straightened the hive back up reasonably.
Then, with the honey in his jar, puffing his pipe and exhaling such resinous, balmy smoke, he walked back through the wildflower garden toward the cottage.
All the blossoms began to turn toward him, blowing elemibalsamic pollen in Cily's direction.

Once on the porch, Cily took a large sip of homemade monastic liquor.
Delicious stuff, he remarked.
Then he took the pipe from his mouth and noticed that the herbal mixture in it had become birch tar.
This was now dripping spicy bubbling from the pipe and a few drops even hung in Cily's beard.
They glistened a beautiful, balmy cerulean green.
He would have to wash it, but not today, he decided!
For the scent that clung to Cily's beard and clothes was excellent, smoky-spicy mild and herbal-balsamic.

With that scent he would sleep like a root gnome he thought contentedly.
Cilice by Euphorium Brooklyn is truly a cozy resinous-spicy and lovely herbaceous scent.
With a subtle, light smoky note.

A dear thanks to Gschpusi and Schalkerin, for the test possibility :)
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Top Review 29  
Journey to the End of the Night
Lonely and forgotten by time, as if the earth had opened up and swallowed the little monastery for centuries, so it lay, its silhouette rising timidly out of the mist.

Schönthal... in crooked and smudged letters , so it was written on the letter, the date
2 April 1525.

Dear Albrik,

with dismay I have heard your bitter lamentation over the death of our beloved parents.

How cruel the superiors can be, just to meet your demands for power and profit.
What was left for our parents and you?
To live a life less than a common rat?
Working themselves to death with no prospect of a better life?
How well I can understand our parents when the news came from Württemberg to join the uprisings.
Who could have guessed that from a spark, a fire would break out over us?
I hope the letter reaches you before your escape...please come to me beloved brother...
Everything else then.
Albrik, at the end of his rope, was glad...
Glad to forget for a moment the past and the painful memories of those he had been forced to leave behind...
Glad to place his own life in the hands of God, averting fate, and knowing henceforth to lead a virtuous life, in harmony with himself.
Although he was aware that the penance he would have to do would be hard to make up in a lifetime....

With the last of his strength, and in the protective mist, he reached the monastery wall; slowly inching his way until a small side door caught his attention.
The three short fist bumps on the wooden gate restrained in the misty grey..

Suddenly something stirred behind the door...footsteps could be heard, frantic activity.
All at once the door fell open and Albrik stumbled inside.

Immediately a thick, warm smoke hit him...a smoke he remembered from his uncle.
Cooper was his trade and he loved, since childhood, to watch his uncle burn out the barrels.
Childhood...he had long forgotten that term.

His eyes watered, but he could make out a shadow through his tired pupils, which, becoming more and more distinct, was coming towards him.

"My dear brother, you made it"
Benajs, all clad in animal fur and leather, stood before him...
Smaller he had become his brother and thinner, where once a monastic robe covered his belly, only a penitent shirt peeked out, flapping loosely beneath the leather robe.

"Let me look at you brother"
..Albrik too had changed, his cheerful and benevolent eyes had wandered almost all the way into his skull, the wrinkles on his forehead deep, his hair only in a few places.
Benjas shuddered:

"Come brother sit down, you must be thirsty, drink"
Benjas handed him a bottle with with a thick substance.
"This will give you new strength, our monastery's own liqueur with a little honey and all sorts of spices added, that awakens the spirits"

Taking a large sip, Albrik immediately felt a pleasant warmth rise within him.

How long had it been since he had slept, let alone drank or eaten anything...
All tension drained from his face.... there he was again his brother, for a brief moment just as he remembered him before Benjas had moved to the monastery, only to find, the bottle not yet quite touching the table, his face again in deep wrinkles.

"You must be tired and exhausted, you'll be safe here....come I'll show you to your room, you can rest there, we'll talk tomorrow"

Benajs led his brother through a narrow corridor into a small room, sparsely furnished with a table, a chair and a bed.

The air in the room was a bit stale and smoky, but that didn't matter much to Albrik, he just liked the comforting warmth, probably in part because he hadn't felt it in a long time.

"I'll let you get some rest if anything is, my parlor is right across the street"
"Thank you Benajs"...these were the first 2 words Albrik had said since his arrival...
"You don't have to thank me, you are my brother...never forget that"

Through the liquor and the deprived weeks, Albrik fell into a deep sleep...
Nightmares gnawed, like ominous shadows, at his soul....
There he stood at night, his spirit rapt from his body, alone in the middle of the village square...
the houses around him were on fire, unable to do anything he looked down at himself...
warm resin ran around his feet, from the distance the voices of the damned...
rising more and more shrilly, 2 dark figures came towards him, arm in arm...
emerging from the smoke, they were now clearly visible...
it was father and mother.. but where once their faces had been, hogsheads adorned their countenances..
a black, hot mass they poured from your mouths...

"Father, mother....forgive me..... i could not save you"...

falling to his knees, more and more of the black liquid poured over him until only his head protruded...
everything had become still, almost peaceful...
just a black sea...

"I just need to submerge myself and let go"
fully he sank into the darkness and...

Bathed in sweat and gasping for breath, he awoke...
It dawned on the horizon...
Drowsy and the night still in his limbs he strode down the aisle....
Where were the other monastic brothers, anyway...
He knocked on his brother's door, no one opened..
Cautiously he crept further along the long narrow corridor, suddenly coming upon a large, sooty door..
He slowly felt for a round doorknob and gave it a spirited tug..
With a loud creak, the door flew open..

Albrik, somewhat surprised by his strength himself, was immediately blinded by the rising sun!

As his eyes become somewhat accustomed to the light conditions, he stands in the courtyard of the monastery,
many of the monastic brothers are in the monastery garden, tending to the vegetables and perennials that grow there.
The sun's rays warm his face and from the reflection of the stones shining in the sun, his brother emerges.

He puts his arm around his shoulder
"I may not be able to take away your pain, but together it is possible for us to find a new home here"

Tears fill Albrik's eyes...
He knows it will be a long road for Him....
but now....
now he can let go....
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Top Review 47  
The Penitent Shirt of Brooklyn
Maybe my minimum amount of evil pictures was reached in the scrapbook of strange sins and so I found myself wandering on the long way to Euphorium, a small monastery in the distant rocky grey mountains of Brooklys.
In a stoic stone cell a small chalice was lit, warm incense waved around my sleepy skull, monastery liqueur was served to me as a catharsis through dark herbs and I was handed a cilicium. I should repent. I was wrapped in a shirt of carnations, the monks thought they were hiding such beaver-hot thoughts, but they only mixed it. Then they murmured some bitter honey, when the monastery liqueur showed its effect, medically glued to benzoin, Absolution was already glowing softly.
And while birches tarred me in the penitent shirt, the tree sap became sweeter and darker, the images with amber filters began to shimmer from resinous woods, from ethereal traces in warm forests.
With "Cilice", Stephen Dirkes has created a world of images that seems to be constantly in motion, especially at the beginning, but then splits up into three parallel plots for me. There's the herbal liqueur, possibly in personal union with woodland elemi, which turns into benzoin in the heart and later into tart and sweet amber. The second strand begins in the head with cloves, which develop with silvery stripes of beaver's horny to ethereal black birch tar, while in the third strand balsamic incense slowly changes to dark woods and earthy nuances. This complements each other at all times both exciting and very harmonious, tangy-spicy, medicinal to dark resinous and black ethereal smoky. The penitent's shirt remains on the sinner's body for a good seven to eight hours, at first arm-long, later very close to the skin.

(With thanks to PallasCC)
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RachelgRachelg 1 month ago
Unfortunately rubbery, both opening and drydown.
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GeorgemanGeorgeman 6 months ago
The perfume reminds me of a cathedral, old church pews, incense, scented essences. The perfume does not go into space ... ⬇️
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