100 Tweeds by Euphorium Brooklyn
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100 Tweeds is a popular perfume by Euphorium Brooklyn for women and men and was released in 2015. The scent is spicy-green. It is still in production.
We may earn a commission when you buy from links on our site, including the eBay Partner Network and Amazon.

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CastoreumCastoreum IndoleIndole YarrowYarrow Absinthe wormwoodAbsinthe wormwood CalamusCalamus Gaiac woodGaiac wood Hemlock firHemlock fir OakmossOakmoss Sweet acaciaSweet acacia VetiverVetiver AjowanAjowan AmyrisAmyris Black pepperBlack pepper Canary Islands juniperCanary Islands juniper Clary sageClary sage CoumarinCoumarin CypriolCypriol GalbanumGalbanum HoneyHoney IvyIvy LavenderLavender MyrrhMyrrh OreganoOregano PeatPeat RosewoodRosewood TobaccoTobacco White oudWhite oud CabreuvaCabreuva Himalaya cedarHimalaya cedar HyssopHyssop IrisIris LabdanumLabdanum MuskMusk Orris rootOrris root Parsley seed BenzoinBenzoin BerriesBerries Celery seedCelery seed KatrafayKatrafay Peru balsamPeru balsam Tolu balmTolu balm VanillaVanilla


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Euphorium Brooklyn / 100 Tweeds
A fragrance that is very difficult for me to decompose, because so many ingredients were mixed here that either a genius or a chance created this work.
First of all, I can smell an animal, a lot of tobacco, soil (apparently it is peat), musk and various spices. After time, I begin to feel more and more wood notes and resins, including labdanum and agar. The trees here are, however, wood: guaiac, cedar, cabreva, rose, accompanied by oakmoss.
The very high condensation and differentiation of many components makes it very difficult for me to pick up individual notes. Very durable and well-designed perfume. Unisex with a slight inclination towards the man. I recommend.
Oh ... there is one thing that may be a downside ... they are not very volatile.
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The bell rings in the night,
its sound awakens the creatures,
that through the pale midnight,
swept on their brooms.

Shrouded in mist, she enters
and creeps a breeze before her.
Close to fainting, methinks,
that now is the last hour.

And when the bell has stopped ringing.. the witch in her home,
has cleared all souls,
awakens the day - awakens being.

The Bell. *
In the upbeat, a shaggy sheep rolls through all manner of herbs, mosses, lichens and musty wood.
Satisfied, it beds down to rest on an old, weathered yet still beloved and oft-worn tweed jacket;
its head laid down on dust-dry sawdust.
From the already dilapidated mud and wood shack next door, faint wisps of pickling
and/or solvent drift over to him. Maybe even the smell of rusty tools.

While the sheep is now slumbering peacefully in the background in the base, the scent is now fully filled with wood or woods, almost sharp green stuff - some of it rain-wet, some already a little carbonized - and sharp-smoky herbs.
The share of matted wool-animalic, which also before already swings back and forth between sheepskin and tweed jacket, has now also strongly withdrawn and almost seems mild and (honey-?-) sweet. Quite in contrast to the deep green grass-herb-wood mixture. This is and remains of the sharp-tart variety. In between now and then almost acidic. To this contributes in my perception the wormwood herb significantly.
Pleasant is the buffer by an actually etws peaty undertone. Similar to the Moorbodens, whose smell I have from childhood days of the "eternal sea" still super-present in memory.
That the already werwähnte tweed jacket bed has already come into contact with soap the one or other time also flares up again and again.
Likewise, with every turn that the ball of wool makes in sleep, the shaggy but somehow nice-cuddly sheepskin comes through again.
Tart-spicy-smoky and dark green.
In addition, the ancient tweed jacket washed with curd soap and the shaggy sheep in it muffled.

Great (done)!
* kasper hate - the bell
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An oddity, but a good one!
In my endless search for naturalistic fragrances, I tried 100 Tweeds hoping to get something that smelled like damp earth, soil, mushroominess...that sort of thing. I got all of that, but I also found this fragrance to be very two-faced. For some time it smells incredibly "dirty", probably the one fragrance most deserving of that adjective. Not only did it had a lot of soil-like dirt, but the castoreum note was huge! Altogether, it smelled like a tweed jacket that is incredibly old and worn. I mean WORN. Sweated in. Never been washed or dry cleaned. It is a super dirty tweed jacket. Borderline homeless man outfit. Civet would have given it more of a pee scent, but castoreum provides this nuance that is like the oils from skin that have been rubbed on the jacket again and again, evaporating or degrading, then more oils when he wears his dirty old jacket again. I actually really enjoyed all of it. It was so intriguing!

Phase two was like a completely different fragrance. All the stuff I loved the most disappeared. Heavy balsams and a sweeter side begin to emerge slowly, but eventually they are full-on. The drydown seems to consist mainly of benzoin with other resins that are not quite as sweet. Nothing dirty left.

A weird one, no doubt, but I hope to own a bottle eventually.
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GeorgemanGeorgeman 9 months ago
Soil, acid peat, tobacco, moss, green shoots, old shed, resin chords - the illusion of an old garden house near the forest. ⬇️
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HolscentbarHolscentbar 12 months ago
I can say now after some time that it's really well done.excellent raw materials.honey,resinous, woody, dark floral and some animal touches
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