Ánfora Oro 1903

Ánfora Oro by Instituto Español
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Ánfora Oro is a perfume by Instituto Español for women and men and was released in 1903. The scent is citrusy-fresh. It is still in production.
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Neukölln 1: Barrique
I continue to test important and weighty fragrances and even wear them occasionally, and at some point the desire to comment on them will return. But for the time being, my passion still belongs to the Colognes, and so I am again active as a light water reactor, I ask for forgiveness.

After 20 episodes of "Colonia statt Corona", the series "Neukölln" continues seamlessly from the previous series. The new series name speaks for itself, I don't have to explain it, but it is also a homage to my former Berlin home district, which is much more than just the location of suspicious shisha bars. And every now and then a new wallpaper or, as in this case, a new headline has to be created, and the Corona reference might have been a little exhausted, although the subject hasn't been settled yet. So whether I can understand one or the other highly irritated message or not, which reached me because of the corona reference in the headline and in text excursuses, and whether off-topic excursuses are allowed in comments or not, is perhaps worth a separate consideration.

I have already introduced the Andalusian traditional label "Instituto Espanol" in my commentary to "Gotas de Oro" that was only a few days ago. This here seems to be the first fragrance of the house, as the year of foundation / release is 1903 for both. This already impresses. The scent also impresses me. After unscrewing the stopper, I am greeted by a lively surge of fragrance, which seems to have already determined the main theme of the commentary: "The closest living relative of '4711 Echt Könisch Wasser' in the Kingdom of Fragrances". The stuff is getting more exciting by the minute, or perhaps one should say by the second with such a cologne. On the one hand, more and more orange notes are gradually being added, but they never quite take over the helm, and on the other hand, it is now noticeable that the 4711-typical neroline note is missing (or has been replaced by other orange notes).

A glance at the pyramid of fragrances on the company's (highly recommended and beautifully designed) website reveals the following picture: top note lemon, Calabrian bergamot, orange [naranja dulce should simply be orange, the dulce is probably only the demarcation to the bitter orange, I suppose]; heart note petitgrain, lavender, Spanish rosemary; base note orange blossom, woody notes.

This fits 100% to the fragrance impression! So here we have a 4711 Regular, or rather the for me much more beautiful "Anniversary Cologne", in which Petitgrain has also replaced Neroli, which has matured in a barrique-like manner in an orange-scented gold amphora and has been enriched with oranges (most likely peel and blossom) over time. I like it very, very much, hard on the border of 9 points! And therefore even better than the complementary water Gotas de Oro, where the orange is in the foreground. Here the bright, radiant, strongly refreshing aspect of the Farina tradition is fully present and is merely refined by the orange, not covered up. One of the most convincing everyday colognes I have tested. Maybe I'll put it up to 9 after all... Which could be helped by the fact that in addition to the 10 to 15 minutes of fragrance effect, there is also an approximately three-hour skin-near (in this case rather orange) fresh echo (which I appreciate very much in colognes).

I know only one way to obtain perfumes in Germany, which I will now mention (with a reservation of my fear of being accused of surreptitious advertising), namely the mail-order perfumery parfumsclub.

In this case, too, the product is no longer coloured but neutrally clear, and here too (as with Gotas de Oro, but also with Orangina, Coca-Cola and many others) the formerly round bottle shape has given way to a space-saving variant that is optimised for transport. However, the golden amphora has survived as a relief embossing on the lid. I have put a picture of the current bottle here in the gallery, next to Florblanca's pictures of the traditional bottle. There are 800 ml and 400 ml splash bottles and a 120 ml spray bottle. What you see on the picture is "medium". Whereby 400 ml for "medium" is a bit like some fast food and coffee sellers...
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