Seine Amoureuse 2017

Seine Amoureuse by Jean-Michel Duriez
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7.2 / 10 23 Ratings
Seine Amoureuse is a perfume by Jean-Michel Duriez for women and men and was released in 2017. The scent is powdery-spicy. It is still available to purchase.
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We may earn a commission when you buy from links on our site, including the eBay Partner Network.

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CuminCumin Spanish cistusSpanish cistus Benzoin SiamBenzoin Siam Ceylon cinnamonCeylon cinnamon NutmegNutmeg Iris tingitanaIris tingitana SuedeSuede White cedarWhite cedar


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Cross with caraway seeds
Yes, I know: there have been better word games from me already; but if you run on a low flame ...
I promise: the next time it will get better again!

Cumin and also its "normal brother", the caraway, can inspire or frighten with their flavours.
I love them both when I cook; especially with pulses and because of my sensitive stomach.
With fragrances I am always a bit in doubt: In "Angélique Noire" frightened with the caraway; here I have to overcome the cumin first.
So completely untouched both caraway siblings don't leave a scent nose!

In "His Amoureuse" this cumin powered off: forward - regardless of losses!
It explodes immediately and burns off a real firework of its own aroma; this scentmacho makes it clear who is the boss here!
It also doesn't make me forget it, even if a pleasant suede chord is laid over this muscleman and iris butter (also such a nodding candidate on my list of favourite scents) first of all swings the powder puff before a certain "fat film" (as "cumin brake") is pulled over this very special prelude This is good for the cinnamon and nutmeg nuances; they nestle contentedly against the soft suede cover.
Now "His Amoureuse" begins to become beautiful for me too - this fragrance is already interesting before.
Here I agree with Yatagan gladly!
Zistrose, of course again in its usual crumpled green robe, scratches a little at the suppleness and opens the scent gate for smoky spicy benzoin and the always likeable nature boy named "White Cedar".
They all do their best (and that's not little!) not only to chain the cumin fragrance roller but also to spread a more neutral net over its omnipotence.
This finale of "His Amoureuse" shines, despite the very generous iris powder dose!

This fragrance from the collection of Jean-Michel Duriez makes it not so easy for me to like it.
But after overcoming its cumin barrier, I set myself up on the soft, fragrant suede blanket; very much taken with this amazingly spicy fellow (this scent is definitely a guy!).
What develops on my skin in the evening and overnight can only be evaluated with a "thumb up".
Fortunately, this remarkable arrangement of scents doesn't provide for the "Sleepless Nights" announced by JMD; however, the bedding is happy about this fragrant addition.
So we will both cuddle again tonight; every woman is happy to have an amorous encounter every now and then!

I have tested three fragrances from Turandot's generous gift so far; completely unbiased, as I did not know this brand So I let myself be guided only by my curiosity and my senses: it was worth it!
And I am very curious to see what treasures will still be revealed to me.
I'll cover it - I promise!
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