W/ood Musk by Jean-Michel Duriez
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W/ood Musk is a perfume by Jean-Michel Duriez for women and men and was released in 2019. The scent is woody-spicy. Projection and longevity are above-average. It is still in production.
We may earn a commission when you buy from links on our site, including the eBay Partner Network.

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Birch woodBirch wood CedarCedar MyrrhMyrrh CloveClove FrankincenseFrankincense IrisIris MuskMusk OudOud PapyrusPapyrus Red berriesRed berries RoseRose SaffronSaffron Turkish tobacco absoluteTurkish tobacco absolute


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not so much on the wrong track
As the only fragrance from Jean-Michel Duriez's rehearsal collection left to me by Turandot, "W/ood Musk" repeatedly escaped testing. But he's already promised Gelis.
Why he did this is inexplicable: this perfumed powerhouse has no reason to hide.

Yeah, "W/ood Musk" is one of the stronger scents.
In contrast to the others of this brand noticeably darker, woodier and more independent.
Wood and smoke and a very robust tobacco note show up immediately: they open this fragrance creation and will remain faithful and almost unchanged with me until the end.
Red berries and light birch wood light up from the background for a moment before saffron - not stingy dosed - and a beautiful, valuable fragrance of roses appear.
Together with the as always lightly powdered Iris (this vain lady has her powder can really always at hand!) they now accompany the already known trio and give it a certain softness.
The powder layer of the iris is very good for this fragrance; it becomes lighter, more cuddly at the same time - hard corners are covered or sanded.
Papyrus lightens again and again by this smell fabric, which shows itself, despite all power of the selected flavours, very human-friendly: nothing here is annoying, cheeky or oppressive!
Clove then lays a strong trail to the perceived climax: first of all, however, cedar shows itself again from its sympathetic silvery side: silky woody and spicy.
The two "smoking men" myrrh and frankincense follow before, this time with little stable smell afflicted Oud and - here I agree Yatagan once again! - pleasantly "human musk" forms the conclusion.
These two scent elements close a scent circle, which now seems to be without beginning and end.
"W/ood Musk" feels like you could get into this composition anywhere: everything seems to flow on the same harmonic level.
Reminiscent of a slowly rotating fragrance carousel that can be stopped at any desired station and invites you to ride along.

Duriez' "W/ood Musk" is already something special: first a powerful being appears, which reveals its soft side on closer acquaintance and is then even for many hours a pleasant companion Who likes wood, smoke and tobacco in fragrance form and does not refuse a flowery tenderness, he will not be disappointed.

Like all of Jean-Michel Duriez's fragrance creations known to me so far, "W/ood Musk" is not an eye-catcher or especially extraordinary.
Also here I meet a carefully composed fragrance being, in which artistry, love for the fragrance, passion and narrative fantasy are expressed.
A calmly flowing dark fragrance stream with a somewhat rustic charm and interesting, harmoniously mixed ingredients reveals itself to me.
I like to let him accompany me for some time, before he will go on the journey to the coast and it will be called:
Au revier, chèr Monsieur!
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