Sotto Voce 1996

Sotto Voce by Laura Biagiotti
Bottle Design Peter Schmidt
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Sotto Voce is a perfume by Laura Biagiotti for women and was released in 1996. The scent is sweet-floral. It was last marketed by Ellen Betrix / Eurocos.
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PeachPeach PlumPlum CorianderCoriander MahoganyMahogany
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OrchidOrchid HeliotropeHeliotrope Orange blossomOrange blossom TuberoseTuberose
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SandalwoodSandalwood MuskMusk VanillaVanilla Tonka beanTonka bean


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Fragrances of the past, part 231234
Hello hello and welcome. Hmm... Laura Biagiotti. Although I know the brand, I just see that I've never tasted a fragrance of it before. So it's about time you did, right? Well... it's rather a coincidence that I reach for Laura Biagiotti, because the scent was in my sample box and I just fished it out earlier!

Well... what can we say about the scent now? Well... actually, I used to see Laura Biagiotti's scents at home more often, because Roma used to be one of my mother's favourite scents back then. That was a long time before I was interested in scents (yes, there used to be!) And someday my smell interest is surely also gone again,... then you are finally rid of me!!! Finally, isn't it? :DD). And I have to admit that I always found the Roma flacons so cool because they looked like those Roman temples, with columns and stuff, I like that in general very much!

Anyway, it's all about Sotto Voce now. I don't know exactly what this means, but the term appears in music, among other things, where it leads one to play or sing a little more muted, at least if I have looked properly. So this could be a somewhat reserved scent, but I'll see for myself in a moment. Well, then, spray on...

The fragrance:
So, the fragrance begins bitter and herbaceous with light, fruity portions. The tart is probably coming from the wood, which is okay, the herbaceous seems to be coriander, which as always I find repulsive to run away, but at least this is softened a little by other scents... nevertheless the top note is not everyday, in addition quite "mature" and thus also very old-fashioned. But at least it's a fragrance from the 90s, so actually everything fits.
So, it still smells woody, the fruity notes, especially the plums, become stronger and the coriander fortunately much weaker.
The middle part is flowery and fruity. I continue to smell plums, but now also flowery scents, which are somewhat difficult to classify. I would bet on tuberoses and a little heavier orchids here, because I perceive heliotrope less. Neroli flashes, but I can't smell it all the time.
The base, which begins quickly, radiates above all musk, next to it there is some tonka and vanilla. Oh, and plums, of course.

The Sillage and the shelf life:
So this scent is not reserved as expected... no, it has quite the opposite even a quite strong charisma, which could suffocate everything in the environment sprayed on exaggeratedly :D
The shelf life is therefore also quite strong, so that the fragrance lasts longer than eight hours.

The bottle:
The bottle is slightly inflated, roundish or drop-shaped and has a "notch" or depression in the glass on both sides, where the chrome-plated lid continues its lengthening "appendages", as it was shaped like a tuning fork, which I find very successful in design. Like I said, a nice bottle.

Okaay, in spite of a somewhat unusual beginning, the fragrance has not turned out so badly. He doesn't necessarily meet my taste now, but he's not ready to run away again. But you can tell by the age of the fragrance, because it really smells old-fashioned opulent and today it would hardly fit to younger ones, in my opinion anyway.

It might fit all the others, but I don't want to write here that I mean perfumas that are getting on in years... och man, it's hard to address women who have already exceeded a certain age, but hey, I'm not the youngest anymore, so don't be so strict with me :D

Anyway, for me this scent is not necessarily a night scent, even if it should possibly work "in the evening", because it would be too unspectacular for me. On the other hand, the perfumes I'm talking about won't be going to wild techno dance festivals anymore (and I'm still talking about the age of the women... :D), so you could use the fragrance for an elegant evening, but I'd choose something more beautiful for it, but that's a matter of taste.

Well, before I say anything completely wrong here, I better come to the end and... wish you all a nice evening. Well then, see you next time and a nice third Advent :)

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A Lost Beauty
To my nose Sotto Voce always smells like the Italian love-child of CK-Eternity and Sun Moon Stars. It conjures memories of both, yet is not one of these all the way:

It's not as loud and fruity as Eternity, yet it has fruity notes that are very deliciously present. It's not as sensually powdery like Sun Moon Stars, yet it's sexy in a soft vanilla scented powdery dry-down.

To me, a mix of both great scents, Italian style. For al those that like one or both and would love to find a third of the same 'family'.
Silage is great. Longevity is: a perfume that goes through all the notes in about 5 hours. If you find it you really should sample it.


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