Silver Stone 2019

Silver Stone by Miguel Matos
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Silver Stone is a popular perfume by Miguel Matos for women and men and was released in 2019. The scent is spicy-leathery. The production was apparently discontinued.
We may earn a commission when you buy from links on our site, including the eBay Partner Network and Amazon.

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He who nags must also be able to praise
Recently a small hiking package came to me, among others there were 9 fragrances of the still quite young fragrance label Miguel Matos in it.
Miguel Matos comes from Portugal, has been a perfume critic on Fragrantica since 2013 and has also been working as a perfumer for several years. What is astonishing is that he acquired the skills autodidactically and did not go through a long school like many other renowned perfumers. I have great respect for anyone who doesn't shy away from challenges.
And the production of fragrances is a great challenge in my eyes.
But testing some fragrances can also be a challenge from time to time...

He has created fragrances for Sarah Baker, Nishane and Bruno Acampora, among others, and since 2018 fragrances have also been available under his own name.

After eagerly testing the 9 scents of Senhor Matos I thought puha, the scents are quite an announcement. You can't really call the works light fare.
In statements to it I have partly rather moseyed at the smells.
I rarely get along well with fragrances that seem wildly composed. The works of Miguel Matos are already very avant-garde and experimental. And I can't deny that they are a bit too exhausting for me.

Mineral, leathery and animal components are often used and blended with spice, sweetness and floral notes. And to me the fragrances seem rather bulky and rather inaccessible.
The fewest fragrances have met my taste and I have rated them accordingly strict.
But I would also like to mention pleasant surprises.
And the scent Silver Stone is one such.

From the tested series, I actually like this fragrance the best, although it does not really correspond 100% to my other tastes either.

Silver Stone is a skilful mix of floral notes, green aspects and a mineral freshness as well as a distinct leather note.
Leather, my old enemy. I have feared the worst... But my fears were in vain The scent starts immediately in a flowery green and the mineral tone is almost immediately present The comparison of Ergoproxy with the heated stone wall with herbs is perfect.
Here and there the flowery notes come out from time to time, but none of them stands out particularly.
A portion of oak moss gives the leather a chy colour and after a while the leather note emerges. If leather usually puts me off, I have to admit that it fits the fragrance perfectly. It's always said that a fragrance needs a counterpart to the other notes, a certain edge, a portion of dirt, to keep it interesting. That's what the leather here does, but without ever stabbing me.
It ensures that the fragrance does not become arbitrary. And I really like the overall picture.
I don't even want to describe the overall picture as spicy and leathery, because in my nose leather is not the very first violin. The description spicy-green with leathery accompaniment would be more accurate
The fact that a certain synthetic touch hovers over everything cannot be denied either, but it fits the experimental concept perfectly.
And if synthetics are well-manufactured, I can handle it well.

The whole thing also has a very good shelf life and the fragrance is quite present in the first 2 hours. You should not exaggerate with the dosage.

Silver Stone is not likely to be a candidate for purchase, as it does not seem to be suitable for everyday use, but in between all the nagging, I did not want to leave out the pleasant surprise.
But as a test experience the fragrances are always a great enrichment and an exciting discovery.

I would like to thank Kovex very much for providing the hiking package and for the opportunity to get to know this remarkable brand!


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