Yuki / ゆき by Miya Shinma
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Yuki is a popular perfume by Miya Shinma for women and men and was released in 2012. The scent is powdery-fresh. It is still in production. Pronunciation
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Yuki means "the snow".


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Scent of snow
Yuki is definitely an unusual fragrance that you do not smell on every street corner. This pleases me even more, because I love to be surprised.

Yuki is for me a very creative approach to a subject on which many try:
The scent of winter, the scent of snow.
The actually bizarre about this theme or the artistic approach is to find notes that smell of cold and of winter, although the winter air smells rather "scentless", in the sense of not packed with heavy floral and floral aromas, dry grasses and fermenting fruits, but clean, pure, cool, pungent sometimes, after earth, after wetness, after wood and now and then after wet grass. So free of many aromas that usually make up perfumes. That's why, in my opinion, the interpretation of the theme "scent of winter" is so subjective. A "rose des neige" (Les Parfums de la Rosine) or a "snowing rose" (Masaki Matsushima) does not smell like winter to me, because lush roses have no place in winter, even if the scent has aquatic beginnings. For others, this is certainly quite different.

But now to Yuki. Maybe I find the theme of winter so well implemented here because I share the association of lavender with coolness and lavender for me this aromatic-fresh note radiates, as if the other flowers have long faded and that is now only the scent of the damp, raw earth. This is just as bizarre as to see the rose as a winter scent, since the lavender smell is characteristic of the absolute high summer - and would I be, for example, from Provence, then my associations would certainly be quite different.

Yuki thus starts with this cool-fresh lavender note, which radiates calm, as when the snow covers the earth and life may now go slower for a while. Woody notes join in. I associate this with the cold, snow-covered earth in a forest, the wet tree trunks, the cool, damp, mossy bark. The scent smells very much like natural essential oils to me, lavender and the essential oil of woods (Hinoki is supposed to smell like cypress and lemon according to the internet. Cedar I smell maximum supportive). Together they harmonize beautifully, the scent is very calm, very aromatic-fresh, very quiet. The "snow in the forest" note through lavender & hinoki wood rests on a powdery musk vanilla base that becomes more prominent after about an hour, a note to snuggle in on after returning home from the cold winter out in the woods to enjoy a warm cup of tea, curl up on the couch with your sweetheart, loved one and/or beloved pet next to you. The lavender, meanwhile, has blended beautifully with the other notes to create a lovely, soothing, unsweet vanilla scent that also feels very natural. I don't smell the oakmoss at all, thankfully (headache note), but I imagine it helps create that cool, fresh vibe. From the jasmine I get only sometimes what with, the maximum supports in the background a bit.

Yuki is for me the fragrance of winter, without "really" smell like snow, because he awakens exactly the same associations as snow and I love him for the fact that he is so calm and wrapping, comforting and quiet. It exudes class, elegance, calm & serenity. Gives the wearer adulthood and thereby sexiness because he/she doesn't need to smell explicitly "sexy". Yuki is thus definitely unisex, definitely still wearable into spring and also from the foggy months in late fall. I associate with it the color silver / silver violet.

Edit 4 years later:
In the meantime, I've been able to test a lot, but found nothing that would be nicer in this category. From the rough family of powdery-fresh lavender / musk vanilla base I have discovered the following. To this I would like to say, however, that something bothers me about all fragrances.
Rimbaud both are warmer and sweeter
Pour Un Homme de Caron (1934) Eau de Toilette in the beginning aftershave
Midnight in Paris Eau de Toilette much sweeter and stronger and heavier
Bvlgari Black KN different, yet DD very similar vanilla musk/restaromatic notes
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