Avowal by Nimerè
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Avowal is a popular perfume by Nimerè for women and men. The release year is unknown. The scent is resinous-smoky. The longevity is above-average. The production was apparently discontinued.
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Into the heart
Comrades, I admit that I learned Russian in Shura's kitchen.
I miss Babushka Shura, her uncompromising nature, her grandmotherly affection for my daughter, her pelmenis.
"Avowal" comes from a Petersburg fragrance manufactory, whose products I did not know before. The kitchen table, where I learned Russian, is in Moscow. In a simple Khrushovka, a worker's apartment in the suburbs.
"Avowal" reminds me of the loaves of bread that Shura baked in her gas oven Dark flour, coriander en masse, some cinnamon. In the left corner on a cupboard there was a small samovar, still powered by charcoal. We sat on old chairs, covered with dark leather, slightly greasy shining.
Shura explained to me why she gave birth to only one son ("I wanted to go back to work quickly, the more children, the greater the dependencies") and why her heart was weak (level 2 insufficiency at that time).
"When my son fought in Afghanistan for two years, I got sick."
"Avowal" smells of unvarnished truth and real conversations in which we admit something, admit, stand by ourselves. Maybe in tears, maybe screaming.
"Avowal" is not a feel-good scent, but neither is "grand mystère par Nimère."
You could put on the scent, for example, Christmas Eve, because it reminds me a bit of Russian gingerbread.
Christmas in particular often requires an antidote to the usual family banter.
"Avowal" is a quick way to get down to business.
Yeah, it hits you right in the heart.

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The Labyrinth of the Senses

Slowly but steadily the darkness surrounds the land.
On the horizon there is only a narrow red gold stripe of the longing sun to be seen.
A warm sparkling magic, for a short moment of happiness.
And suddenly the night embraces you with all its power.
Protective in the dark, it envelops you like a coat of soft warm leather.
Gives you security.
You feel the warmth of the fragrance of the night.
Soft warm spices, floating melancholic, soak your senses.
They almost rob you of your mind.
They let you go back to a place a long time ago.
To a place that lives only in you.

You feel the steaming damp warm earth beneath you.
Carefully you touch the bark of old trees.
You take a deep breath and close your eyes.
They exude their fragrance, dark woody, full of silence and peace.
The sweet balsamic resins flowing, almost floating, glittering on their bark. They'll tell you the secret of sorcery.

You open your eyes and look into the black of the night.
There, observed from glowing sparkling eyes of a wild animal.

Avowal makes you feel deep in your heart.
You feel the warmth on your skin.
You feel how the scent melts with you.
You feel the magically beautiful aura that surrounds you.
Avowal lets you see "your" story.

The Labyrinth of the Senses.

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