Sakura by Parfum Satori
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7.3 / 10 13 Ratings
Sakura is a perfume by Parfum Satori for women. The release year is unknown. The scent is floral-green. It is still available to purchase. Pronunciation
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Submitted by medicine, last update on 11.10.2022.
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Tears about the spring gone too soon.
There are several cherry blossom trees I can admire from my window. Each year when the spring reaches its peak they celebrate the moment with a magnificent sea of pink blossoms. It doesn't last long as those pink clouds start to fade filling the air with a rain of tender petals. And in a week or two it's all gone...

Those Sakura blossoms do not posses any smell, so for a long time I could only imagine what they might smell like. The most suggestions from the world of perfumery were tending towards the sugar plums trying to sell their pink sugar for Sakura blossoms. But now I've got a chance to try a Sakura perfume made by a Japanese perfumer Satori Osawa who knows many of cherry blossom variations from her land and studied the smell of the fragrant ones.

On a blotter the perfume smells more like wet white petals giving me an impression of blossoming blackthorn falling its petals into a dark cold water during the early spring. But warmed by my skin the scent becomes much more rosy. Like young pelican birds who believed to turn pink by sucking the blood from their mother's chest, those pale petals eagerly drink the warmth of my skin to turn into beautiful pink blossoms. A ripe and fruity but yet gentle aspect of a plum appears from a background. In contrast with its sugar babe sisters Sakura by Satori serves her cherry blossoms without added sweeteners. In fact it becomes even salty closer to its woody base like the taste of tears about the spring gone too soon.

According to Satori the aroma of Sakura perfume is similar to a traditional Japanese scented sachet called "nioi-bukuro". That is a little paper bag filled with Japanese incense to put into furniture, the sleeves of kimono or around the neck.
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AromaXAromaX 6 years ago
The smell of Sakura consists of wet white petals, pink rose flowers, a touch of fruity cherry and a salty taste of tears on fading spring.
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