Sympathy for the Sun 2014

Sympathy for the Sun by Roos & Roos / Dear Rose
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Sympathy for the Sun is a perfume by Roos & Roos / Dear Rose for women and was released in 2014. The scent is floral-citrusy. It is still in production.
We may earn a commission when you buy from links on our site, including the eBay Partner Network.

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Should I watch you perfumas worship the sun? :D
Hello you sun worshipping perfumas (who hate the cold days right now!). Soo... oh man, I just wouldn't have started with "sun worshipping", because already I have... strange thoughts... like for example that you in bikinis in, say, delightful movements worship the sun, and which then surely attracts the one or other glimpse of us guys *sigh*
It's just like when you do yoga (oh my God... with some exercises your heart stops!!) Who could only come across such "training positions" as "looking down dog" or even "Merudandasana" or whatever that means (i.e. where you spread your legs so extremely)... Arrrrghghgh :DD Not to mention many other "positions"!!...

Anyway, how do I get a sun worshipper? Very simple: The fragrance here is called "Sympathy for the Sun" (by Roos & Roos/Dear Rose). And I think you ladies like the sun a lot more than men, don't you? Well, I'm not much of a sun fan, anyway. Yes yes, because I'm single and blah blah blah, we've had that before... no, this time I wanted to say that the sun can be beautiful, but all the heat waves in summer really annoy me. A few years ago that was okay, there were just a few hot days, but now it looks as if the heat waves are increasing more and more and longer lasting... anyway, I just don't like enormous heat and I'm already getting sick now, when I think about the next summer *sigh* Nee sorry... I prefer winter much more! :)

Anyway, I now come to the fragrance, which sounds quite fresh :)

The fragrance:
The fragrance has a quite classic beginning with citrus and oakmoss and even looks very briefly like an aftershave or like these fragrances in barbarian shops. But don't worry, just a minute later the fragrance becomes much more feminine with sweet jasmine and roses. Of course the classic touch of the oak moss remains, but this classic note doesn't look as much like a men's aftershave anymore :D
Over time, the fragrance clearly loses its citrus freshness and becomes more powdery-sweet, but not in a crushingly intense way, so that it remains light and fluffy.
Now many salt seem to smell here, I find that salt is rather small. Especially towards the end the fragrance is sweet and powdery, as well as a little bit woody. The sweetish one comes mostly from jasmine and is generally flowery soft, but sometimes reminds a little of tonka bean.
All in all a very beautiful fragrance.

The Sillage and the shelf life:
The Sillage is weak, as one is used to from summer scents or from fresh scents. This one stands out from time to time at least because of the bitter oak moss, but even then the scent is actually relatively weak. After all, I found the shelf life on average with about five to six hours. This is especially good for the summer.

The bottle:
The bottle is rectangular with beautiful curves... uh, with strongly rounded corners I meant of course :D On the front you can see a golden label with the name of the fragrance. The neck is gold-plated and bears the brand name engraved on it. The lid is black and cylindrical. Everything's okay, but not really exciting either.

Okay, that was Sympathy for the Sun. And although I hate the sun very much at heat waves, I have to say that this scent is even more beautiful here, even if I should not like the name of the scent so much at the moment :D

But let's be honest, the fragrance is not really refreshing, but still light and loose and that despite the sweet notes. It is soft with powdery notes, sweetly delicious with sweet scents such as jasmine and has a slightly spicy, bitter base reminiscent of woody notes and tonka. With its beautiful, light aura, it fits perfectly into spring and summer and can be used as a scent for the day, for work, and even for going out on warm days, as it also comes across elegantly, even if it could have been stronger for going out quietly.

In my opinion, this fragrance is therefore highly recommendable, even if it is quite simple in terms of the course of the fragrance. Well, try it, it can make you look gentle, cute and elegant, maybe even delicious :D But please don't wear it to yoga or at... well... sun worship... otherwise guys like me will still go by the dozen through cardiac arrest... waaaah!!!
But well, enough to my dirty fantasies, well, at least for this commi here, he he :DDD

Well then, take care and have a nice evening :)
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