L'Eau d'Armoise 2019

L'Eau d'Armoise by Serge Lutens
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L'Eau d'Armoise is a perfume by Serge Lutens for women and men and was released in 2019. The scent is green-spicy. It is being marketed by Shiseido Group / Beauté Prestige International. Pronunciation
We may earn a commission when you buy from links on our site, including the eBay Partner Network and Amazon.

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spicy powerhouse
The herb mugwort has had a very bad reputation for several years:
The pollen of the Artemisia plant - what a beautiful name! - are often triggers of severe allergies So the battle was declared against him; for to make matters worse, this herb is also growing Like the nettle, mugwort belongs to the so-called "root fruit weed". Whoever has mugwort once, will hardly ever get rid of it again!

Its "use" as a fragrance for Serge Luten's "L'Eau d'Armoise" is probably due to the history of this herb. It is supposed to keep "dark forces" away and was therefore already very popular in the Middle Ages.
Whoever dances around the summer solstice fire with a wreath of mugwort and then throws it into the flames should thus be protected from all evil; he is "equipped" for all further battles!
I believe that this is why the name "L'Eau d'Armoise" - which I call "Rüstwasser" for short - was chosen: a fragrance as an armour - why not?

Now the aroma of mugwort, when you chop up the herbaceous plants and bring it to life, is very strong and herbaceous. Camphor and thujon have a big part in this: both very strong guys!
Because even arbor vitae and juniper contain these fragrances.

Mugwort is therefore not only a witch's herb: it is also used for healing and in the kitchen.
The herb women knew and know exactly what helps against too fat food and also against coughing.
Because only the pollen can cause allergies; leaves and stems, from which the fragrance is extracted, fortunately not.

This "fragrance sixpack" by Serge Lutens, as I like to call it, contains a collection of fresh, cool and clear fragrances. They are all amazingly capricious, quite simple, but not uninteresting "knitted".
Thus also Beifuss "L'Eau d'Armoise" plays a powerful, straightforward solo, although I think it is possible that a little musk was added to this "water of armor" as a "softener".
Underneath all the prickly, scratchy and spicy scent, there is something slumbering that somewhat civilizes the edges and thorns of this original natural force of the herb.
(Just as sometimes a spoonful of honey can make a particularly repulsive herbal tea drinkable)

I find "L'Eau d'Armoise" an extremely interesting scent composition At first I was also a little sceptical, because of course the red illuminated sign "Allergy!" appeared immediately.
For tropical days, which come along under the motto "The Heat is on!", this spicy-fresh powerhouse would certainly be suitable.
It does not bring anything annoying with it and has the typical durability of a fragrance; more frequent renewal is necessary than necessary.
For this "L'Eau d'Armoise" thanks with herbal freshness, which stands out pleasantly from many summer waters.
So if you like it a bit stronger in the heat, you should give this Serge Lutens fragrance a chance.
He will thank the wearer; if only by disturbing the environment, but rather by leaving behind pleasant memories.

This excursion into the world of witches' wisdom, meadowland and soup kitchens was really worthwhile for me.
"L'Eau d'Armoise" may continue to wander as a bottling; although I'm sure I will like to think back to it from time to time in the summer.
Cool, fresh, spicy, herbal - where can you find such a powerful nature boy already in the big city?
For this reason alone this fragrance boy is worth a comment!
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