Friendship Garden
Friendship's Garden
1939 Toilet Water

Friendship Garden / Friendship's Garden (Toilet Water) by Shulton
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A perfume by Shulton for women, released in 1939. The scent is woody-floral. The production was apparently discontinued.
We may earn a commission when you buy from links on our site, including the eBay Partner Network and Amazon.

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Submitted by Cincy, last update on 06.09.2019.

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Strong memories evoked
Not so much a review as others might want ...
A dozen or so years ago, I bought a partially used bottle of this, because it's the scent my grandmother - she who raised me, and whose bedroom I shared for most of my first ten years - used daily. I hadn't seen a bottle since her death in 1957, when I was removed from her house. I was happily surprised to discover the remembered scent when I opened the bottle. I was even more surprised at the strong memories that came flooding back. From time to time, I take a whiff of it, just to feel close to her again.
I never did learn to wear any scent myself; I'm strictly a (scent-free) soap-and-water girl, despite having been raised in a household where the women (mother, aunt, and grandmother) all wore one scent or another. I was even given a 'starter' box of Evening in Paris at age 7 or so, to no avail. I detest walking past the perfume counter in department stores or past places where there are overwhelming odors - Body Shop or Yankee Candle, for example.


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