Pink Grapefruit
Pamplemousse Rose
2012 Eau de Toilette

Pink Grapefruit / Pamplemousse Rose (Eau de Toilette) by The Body Shop
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Pink Grapefruit is a perfume by The Body Shop for women and men and was released in 2012. The scent is citrusy-fresh. It is being marketed by Natura Cosméticos.
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Pink grapefruitPink grapefruit
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The time for a refresher - in the true sense of the word - seems to have come
Looking for a good grapefruit fragrance for the beginning of the warm season, I first ended up - as you can read - at 4711 "Pink Pepper & Grapefruit". Since this Eau de Cologne could not convince me, I have now tested another candidate: "Pink Grapefruit", an EdT from The Body Shop.
I already own a - quite pleasant - fragrance from The Body Shop, namely the sweet-floral "White Musk", a classic that has been popular for a long time and for which there is also a quite extensive care series.
Pink Grapefruit" is also available as Body Butter, Body Mist, Shower Gel, Body Scrub, Body Yogurt, Soap, Hand Lotion, Body Lotion and Bath Bubble. Interestingly, there is no deodorant in this series.
I like to use body care products that have the same fragrance as my perfume. This also lasts much longer. The care series of great fragrances, however, are usually very expensive. At The Body Shop, the pleasure of wrapping yourself in a single fragrance from head to toe is relatively affordable.
The EdT is only available in a very small size - i.e. in a spray of only 30 ml. After all, it's "handbag-suitable." With € 16,50 respectively € 55,- / 100 ml it is not really cheap within its price range.
But the fragrance is considered a bestseller. The manufacturer promises a long-lasting, uniquely fresh fragrance with a fruity floral aroma and gentle grapefruit notes.
The EdT has been on the market for 7 years. I had tested it years ago once in the shop and in good memory.
I don't know if he's been changed in the meantime. The flacon has changed anyway. He's still pale pink. But instead of the rather bland silver clasp there is now a black one. And the pink grapefruit on the label has been given green leaves as a welcome splash of colour. Overall, the new flacon seems trendier, more appealing and more sympathetic to me.
I remembered the scent very refreshing and powerful-citric. But when I test it on my skin this time it seems surprisingly weak.
I didn't find anything about the exact fragrance composition anywhere. I can imagine that the scent consists only of pink grapefruit. No problem for me. But since it is described by the manufacturer as "fruity-floral", there are still some flowers to be added to the citrus fruit. But I don't find out which ones they might be.
What I do notice, though, is that the scent doesn't change. I can't recognize a head note, a heart note, or a base note. The fragrance always remains this pale grapefruit - somehow arbitrary, little distinctive, without refinement. A very light summer scent, but too little light and lively for my taste.
Grapefruit fragrances usually convey a lot of joie de vivre. They tingle like champagne, refresh and enliven, bring a good mood and have something like a radiant, euphoric youthfulness.
But all this I seek here in vain.
I also don't notice much of the promised long durability. The EdT lasts longer than the grapefruit scent of 4711, which is not too difficult, but after a maximum of one hour it is also almost gone.
I'm not really sad about it. Compared to "White Musk" with its very feminine, sensual note, which conjures up a sea of white flowers and a touch of erotic musk, "Pink Grapefruit" seems almost uninspired to me, without great recognition value, without noticeable character, without strong personality. What disappoints me most of all is that the sparkling freshness of the grapefruit is barely perceptible here. The fragrance is and remains weak, inconspicuous, banal. If he was a woman, hardly anyone would turn to her.
What's wrong with a grapefruit scent? Or am I just spoiled - by "O oui" by Lancome and the wonderfully fresh grapefruit scents of Guerlains Aqua Allegoria "Pamplelune" and "Pera Granita", which I like to use.
I think the grapefruit fragrances have undergone a transformation since 2012, the year in which "Pink Grapefruit" was created, which has not remained without consequences. We now expect more from grapefruit - an exciting combination with flowery aromas perhaps and above all a harmonious balance between citrus astringency and fruity sweetness.
"Pink grapefruit has too little of either, in my opinion. As if the fragrance couldn't decide what it really wants to be. That's not good for him.
That "Pink Grapefruit" is not listed either under "Fragrances for Him" or under "Fragrances for Her" on The Body Shop's website fits this indecision. There is no category "unisex" at The Body Shop. Even under "Eau de Toilette" you can't find the pink grapefruit, although it's been a regular guest in The Body Shop's repertoire for 7 years. That's odd. Didn't I? You can only find him under "Series" and "All Fragrances".
Perhaps one wanted to do it all right with this fragrance too much, and was therefore afraid to grant the EdT a contour with a stronger recognition value. You could also say you made it easy for yourself. The fact that this has resulted in a certain arbitrariness is not surprising in this sense. It's a shame, though. Perhaps the time has come for a reformulation that refreshes the fragrance in a similar way - in the true sense of the word - as has already been achieved with the flacon.


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