Viniverra by Eberbach-Schäfer
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Viniverra is a popular perfume by Eberbach-Schäfer for women and men. The release year is unknown. The scent is fruity-fresh. It is still in production.
We may earn a commission when you buy from links on our site, including the eBay Partner Network.

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Unexpected acquaintance...
All right, there he is... A comment from me on a scent. A comment that should have been made a long time ago. After almost two years, in which I read comments at most but wrote none myself. I just didn't get any scent at all. Zero. No trigger. Nothing.
Sure, there were the one or other I bought or tested and "Be-Statementet". But then there was this one. Unremarkable. It was there all of a sudden. How did it come about?

The father of my girlfriend is a wine lover, among other things. (Me too :P but not with such skills and experience)
He told me about a scent of a private winery that only uses natural fragrances and I am allowed to test it with him. He had bought it directly.
Well okay, I know him and I have already supplied him with various fragrances, since he was always dependent on my sources and my naturally unrestricted perfume knowledge (IRONIE, I beg you) GIT and the like were already there. So he already knows what distinguishes quality from drugstore. So I didn't care much about his tip but was curious anyway. I did not pursue the matter further. Then I visited him again (was not easily possible due to Corona) and fragrance X came back into my mind. O-tone "Well, let's see your special little pouffe." "It's in the bathroom." "Okay." So I approached it with subdued expectations.

Experience Test #1:
Into the bathroom of the future in-laws and an unagitated sprayer on the hand and quickly out again.
First one smells... Fresh scent, lots of citrus... Shower scent! Natoll... I thought so.
Aaaaaabut then! Not even 5 minutes later --> The cofpnote calms down quite quickly and ginger and pepper are added. The scent suddenly gets depth! I was so familiar with the scent! In young years I must have smelled something... and isn't there a bit of pineapple in there, too? Why does it remind so easily of the big, powerful A!!!!!! of the brand C!!!!!! The vibe is similar but the scent is so fresh on its own. Cozy... as made for me? Take a look! Comment girlfriend and her sister: " Oooh, that smells just soooo unbelievably good!"
PS: they already knew the one.

When walking I sprayed a quick splash in the crook of my arm, put on the jacket and walked The scent was still very present and was still super! It even got better and better.
Sure, the base is the same as in so many fragrances. Familiar scents! Sandalwood, tonka bean, ambroxan and musk thus form the basis for some perfumes. But in combination with the persistent fragrance of heart and head, it's really special, isn't it?!
The scent has an old familiar vibe... I must have picked it up on a grown-up I liked when I was a kid. It just gives me a good, safe feeling It's all back to personal opinion... But now let's go on with the text.
The day ended... Thanks for reading :)
Ah ne moment there was something else! Experience Test #2:
After I had thrown the jacket over the chair the evening before and thus no longer had to think about the smell, I went in the morning with my eyes still swollen from sleep to look for my coffee machine, which was slumbering in the kitchen at a distance of 2 km and waiting for me. (phew, long sentence) Past said chair I took a smell was... High? What was that? Somehow I knew the scent... Light touch A** without smoke but with fruity elements. And it was fresh? I looked around the corner to see if we had hung up any fresh laundry. Nothing... But then why does the jacket smell so great! I smelled it everywhere and it just smelled like me... Yes. That's it. It smelled like me! Where did that smell come from?! I thought about it and came up with the idea of smelling the crook of my arm! There it was! Wow what a great smell! Sure, people would say the smell is unisex, but for me it's masculine! At least once combined with my body odor!
So, Scent Fountain sniffed! Off to the internet and see where you can get the stuff!

After a long correspondence, the Privatkellerei Eberbach-Schäfer sent me a sample of the fragrance and I was able to test the scent again extensively. For me it was clear anyway that I would get a buttl...

Short one to the durability:
Sometimes it feels like the smell just goes away... Shelf life = 5 points. Nevertheless it suddenly appears again! It is fully there again, before it disappears in the next moment. But if you take off your t-shirt... geth take a shower and want to throw the old shirt into the laundry, then he is suddenly full again. It's probably more because of my nose, so please take a picture yourself.

Long story short, no sense at all... Now I have my own buttl. I'm happy about it. Put it to everyone's heart who likes fresh scents, which don't smell very special but are always usable and you can't get enough of them. The one, like a second skin fit. That belong to you.

On their side, Eberbacu shepherds have, apart from the perfume bottle, also the sample for sale, but which costs are relativized when one decides to buy a bottle.
PS: Wine, gin and other treats for all kinds of leisure activities are also available ;)

In that sense,

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