Tipakorn 2020

Tipakorn by Siam 1928
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Tipakorn is a perfume by Siam 1928 for women and men and was released in 2020. The scent is woody-green. The production was apparently discontinued.
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BergamotBergamot BorneolBorneol YuzuYuzu Strobilanthes
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MatchaMatcha TobaccoTobacco SmokeSmoke
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OudOud VetiverVetiver PatchouliPatchouli


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A ridge of thought
It's going to be winter, I guess. No place is this, the cold flows flickering through the door, there's still the smell of pungent cleaner and citrus stones in the gutter. The soft hum of neon, it flickers its green light into the spaces between this here by the night road and the ridge of a distant high mountain, the lichens in the frost of a stony path under northern morning skies. I am a bold fighter! Fear not. I put the yuzu to flight, through the damp grasses, the distant smoke, she plunges into the valley in a dew stream full of dry tea.
Cursed flickering light. I still smell snuff but don't see it. Let it be burley or blossom, warm spicy dust on the back of my hand. Gently he begins to move, boxing with the first meek shadows as the sun begins to rise, streaking the cool sky with rays of balsam and the scent of warm clay.
"Tipakorn" begins with a tightrope walk. The difficult tart-spicy strobilanthes alternates with the borneol camphor and citrus to create associations of pungent cleanser and scented stones in public restrooms, only to return the next moment to remind us of a morning in the cool mountains. It's a bit irritating. After a good half hour, camphor, fresh yet dry green tea and slightly smoky grasses assert themselves before the tobacco initially reminds me of spicy snuff with the spiciness of borneol. Finally, the tobacco combines with the warm, loamy oud and a wonderfully ethereal cool glowing balsam emerges.
Based in Bangkok, Siam 1928 is a fourth-generation family-run company that became known as a manufacturer of fragrances for Buddhist rituals. Since 2018, they expanded the range with more modern niche fragrances.

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