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I underestimated this beauty. I live in a very rural area and had never stepped foot in a CHANEL store. Last year my husband and I were traveling (to visit my newly born goddaughter, but I digress:). We stopped for lunch at a mall and much to my delight in the Chanel store, I spotted perfumes out for sampling. I sprayed my left wrist with Beige and my right wrist with Coromandel.

Coromandel is a scene stealer. She demands attention and tramples all who get in her way. I was entranced. Finally I was experiencing a scent of almost epic proportions. One I had only read about. It was bold and unique. I couldn't stop sniffing my wrist.

All day, Beige sat politely on my left, largely ignored. I smelled my wrist occasionally, recognized the frangipani, and thought "how pretty!" to myself.

I ordered Beige for my mother who hasn't worn perfume since the 1980's. She loves it and every time I visit her I spray myself with her Perfume.

I have grown to love it too. In the hubbub of Chanel perfumes screaming for attention, Beige rises above the fray.

It is delicate but not timid.

It is gentle but not boring.

It is wearable but is not common.

It is refined but approachable.

Without distractions Beige has quietly become a favorite. It absolutely could become a signature.

It is simply lovely. The honey is not cloying or sickly. It's light and golden in it's supporting role.

Coromandel is the girl with the beautiful makeup. She got my attention with her lacquered red lips and perfectly coifed hair.

Beige is the natural beauty who is gently lovely without fuss. I regret that I dismissed her to embrace her harsh sister who looks silly and overdone in the sunlight.

Beige is only well named in that it would be appropriate for any occasion or season.
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Yes, it's special but....
I recently received a nearly full bottle of coromandel from my mother. I really do love this one. It's very rich, deep, and dark. Perfectly suited for a cold night. It's beautiful and unlike any other perfume I wear. I gravitate towards the easy-to-wear perfumes. Most often I wear sweet, fresh, floral, or fruity scents. Coromandel is different. Coromandel smells special and refined.

As much as I love Coromandel, it is nearly unwearable to me. It is by far the strongest perfume I own and it packs a wallop. It makes my Coco Noir seem like a body spray. Coromandel is also very distinctive.

A word of caution, I detect a middle note reminiscent of musty/mildew. It's fleeting and faint. The dry down is amazing. It is nothing short of beautiful on wool sweaters and cashmere scarves.

I've taken to wearing this behind my knees or ankles. If you are sensitive or have allergies, I'd tread lightly with this one.

I imagine that this will also smell wonderful on a man.
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Very pretty
I first sampled this a year ago. I was pleasantly surprised but not "wowed". It seemed a bit simplistic to me so I kept looking in vain for a better orange blossom scent.

Today I finally bought a bottle. It is VERY pretty. I find it refreshingly uncomplicated and easy to wear. I'd like to think that this smell suits me. It's not angry, aggressive or offensive. It's gentle, elegant and honest. These are attributes that I value. I want to be approachable. I want to be kind. I want to smell like orange blossoms.

When I don't know what to wear- I will reach for this. I'm not one who feels comfortable leaving a trial of scent in my wake. Orange Blossom lasts a long time on my skin but doesn't project far. I don't know why I waited so long for a full bottle.
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Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
Today I was given a sample of Red Roses with my Jo Malone purchases. I didn't expect to like it much after reading reviews, but I was curious. I have a friend who smells wonderful in Tea Rose. It's her signature scent and was also worn by her beloved grandmother. I've secretly always wanted a grandmother and I wanted to smell of roses.

Red Roses opened better than I expected. It's strong and fresh yet not sneezy. The lemon is clearly a back up singer. It nicely supports the crispness of the rose. My nose didn't detect even a hint of musk or powder.

Sadly, Red Roses gradually turns more and more "barnyard" on my skin. An hour or so after application I found my self wondering "what is that horrible odor?". I realized that it was emanating from my skin.

Without too much graphic detail I can tell you that underneath the "rose" and after the lemon fades- I am taken back to my days as a pony clubber. I've smelled this very scent as I mucked out my pony Anastasia's stall. I adored my pony and spend my childhood summers smelling of her- horse hair, grass, and sometimes manure. Her name was Shannon when I got her. I thought she was a princess among ponies so I changed her name.

As an adult woman, I'm more than a little horrified to smell of this cologne. It really smells disgusting on me for whatever reason.

I've also left it on for almost 8 hours.... On purpose. It's made me feel both a little repulsed and nostalgic. I'm missing those carefree days of summer when Stacia and I spent our youth together. I grew too tall for her and ended up on a part thoroughbred gelding. I loved him too, but it wasn't the same.

Stacia died when I was in my 20's. I don't think of her often, but when I do I cry. I feel silly about it, but the tears still form.

I don't know why this "turns" on me but I do not recommend buying this unless you can try it first. The top was pretty but it morphed into one of the worst perfumes I've ever worn.

Tomorrow I will wear Orange Blossom which stays fresh and pretty on me. Tonight I'm sleeping in it and hoping I dream of my childhood.
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