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The perfume and cosmetics world is full of brands, with a few big ones dominating the market with products that are available everywhere. Some of them are good, others simply well... Read more
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The perfume and cosmetics world is full of brands, with a few big ones dominating the market with products that are available everywhere. Some of them are good, others simply well marketed. Common to many is the dilemma that they lack exclusivity. With cosmetics, this doesn't matter, but with perfumes, you do want to give your partner something special.

Jo Malone is an exception here. Although the brand has been taken over by US giant Estée Lauder, the company founder and her husband still hold central positions in the company. Their products are available primarily in the USA in around 300 stores and in the UK in nine of their own beauty boutiques. In addition, all Jo Malone products can be ordered via the Internet. In Europe, especially on the continent, this ensures the highest level of exclusivity. Anyone who uses or gives away Jo Malone perfumes, shower gels, bath oils and skin care products has generally bought not only something exclusive and expensive, but above all something excellent.

At the beginning of 2004, someone became aware of the noble brand during his stay at the hotel "Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park". The luxury hotel is the only one in the world that offers its guests Jo Malone products in the rooms. The line in question is "Lime Basil & Mandarin," with which the entrepreneur once started her triumphal procession.

Jo Malone began her career in facial care. In 1983, she went into business for herself and opened a facial care clinic in Chelsea. Initially, she had just twelve customers, but word quickly spread about the insider tip and the customer base was steadily expanded to 2,000 people.

The customers of the enterprising young entrepreneur enjoyed hand-mixed facial care products, individually tailored to their skin type and applied with a special facial massage.

Then Jo Malone had the idea of creating unique fragrances in Grasse, France, with the help of local perfumers. After some convincing, some "noses" agreed to implement her unusual ideas. Jo's first creation was the "Nutmeg & Ginger" bath oil, which she offered to her best customers as a thank-you gift. One customer ordered another hundred oils as gifts for party guests. Of that hundred, 86 called Jo to place their own orders. The Jo Malone brand was born.

Together with her husband Greg, who is still Managing Director of the company, she realized that she could no longer make her products at home. So in October 1994, she opened her first store on London's Walton Street. Five years later, she closed it again and moved to Sloane Street, where her flagship store still stands today.

Even before that, in 1991, Jo Malone had created her best-selling fragrance, which really launched her career and brought her fame and fortune: "Lime Basil & Mandarin". This perfume is reminiscent of the lime scent brought by a fresh breeze in the Caribbean. Fresh lime and mandarin are complemented by peppery basil and aromatic white thyme.

Jo Malone invented the concept of "Fragrance Combining," giving each customer the opportunity to express themselves olfactorally. All of her fragrances can be layered. For example, Jo recommends combining "Lime Basil & Mandarin," the "little black dress," so to speak, with "Grapefruit." This creates a casual and cool daytime fragrance. To make it a sophisticated evening fragrance, she adds the sensual and warm "Vetyver''.

Not only the perfumes, but also all the shower gels, body creams and eau de colognes can be combined with each other. With around twenty fragrance lines currently available, the combination possibilities are endless. Every customer can thus tailor his or her own perfume.

Jo Malone herself combines "Amber & Lavender" with "Vetyver" to create her signature fragrance. "Amber & Lavender" she had once created for her husband as a birthday gift. All of her colognes are unisex. They are more durable than many perfumes from other manufacturers.

A month after Jo Malone opened her flagship store in London's Sloane Street in 1999, her company was bought out by Estée Lauder. But Jo is still the creative director of the house. In her case, the fact of being swallowed up by a much larger company did not mean the end of inspiration and innovation; on the contrary, it opened up new financial, marketing, distribution and research opportunities for her. Thus, Jo is able to draw on the expertise of the Estée Lauder laboratories in New York.

Jo Malone has become a new luxury brand in just a few years. This was helped not least by the fact that the Brit knows how to package her products advantageously. Unpacking a product from Jo is always a special pleasure.
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