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3 years ago - 29.08.2020
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​The Scent of Moor's Head Pearl and Topaz

It is not often that you are on vacation and come across a perfume, or preferably two, that you don't know and have never seen around. Well, here's what happened to me last week on my way home after summer vacation. I was a guest of friends and while shopping, I was struck by the beauty of the packaging of these two perfumes depicting the legend of sicilian Moor's Head: Perla and Topazio. In case you missed it, the vases with the "Moor's heads" still adorn balconies and windows in Sicily today. They are also known as "graste" and represent one of the most famous and widespread handicraft objects in Sicily.

Anyhow, I ask the saleswoman if I can try them, and I spray them directly on the back of my hands. Something excellent and familiar spreads through the air, one of which I know well, while the other is unknown to me. Without second thoughts, I ask the price and decide to buy them both.

They are EDP, produced by BACI Milano, a company that evokes the partnership between love (Baci) and fashion (Milan is considered the city of style). The idea is to develop and mix a combination of design and overly commercial products to be a small company, always in step with the innovation needs of the market.

While waiting to try them and write my impression, I will briefly mention what I feel right off the bat.

Topazio greets me with a hint of citrus and fruity notes. Following the accords of leather and flowers take over, bringing out a more virile character. In the finish, the perfume releases musky and vanilla tones.

Perla welcomes me with touches of more fruity and flowery notes, fresh and watery. Following the accords of spices and talc come to the fore, bringing out a gentler character. In the finish the scent surprises with earthy and dirty tones, slightly amber.

If you like niche perfumes, these precious gems could be for you. (www.bacimilano.it)


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