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3 months ago - 26.11.2023
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40 Years of High Perfumery: The Limited-edition Fragrance Duo Cristal & Gold by Amouage

40 Years of High Perfumery: The Limited-edition Fragrance Duo "Cristal & Gold" by Amouage

With the new Eaux de Parfum "Cristal & Gold Man" and "Cristal & Gold Woman", Amouage is reviving the history of its first handmade crystal bottles.

An icon reawakened - Cristal & Gold.
40 years ago, a historic perfume was born from a sultan's dream. An object that would embody the subtle essence of an entire nation and tell the world about its wealth. The richness of its millennial history, the richness of its humble spirit, the richness of its boundless hospitality. 40 years ago, a sultan's dream gave birth to 'the most precious perfume in the world


The luxury fragrance house Amouage is celebrating its 40th anniversary with another fragrance duo that invites fragrance lovers on a journey through time: 40 years ago, the first Amouage crystal bottles were produced in the High Cristallerie Waltersperger factory in Normandy, France. This is where the history of Amouage began, shaped by master glassmakers

Cristal & Gold Man

A perfume that transports its wearer back to the birth of the House of Amouage and the cradle of perfumery - to the majestic lands of the Sultanate of Oman.


Cristal & Gold Man - Amouage
Cristal & Gold Man - Amouage

The fragrance opens with the freshness of bergamot and aldehydes, sweetened with honey. The heart unfolds with floral notes of damask rose, jasmine and ylang-ylang as well as the soft, powdery facets of iris and heliotrope. The base envelops with the warmth of amber and labdanum, carried by guaiac wood and the soft texture of sandalwood. Patchouli and vetiver lend the composition an earthy depth, while civet adds subtle, animalic accents.

"Cristal & Gold Man" is a reinterpretation of "Gold Man" from 1983.

Cristal & Gold Woman

This remarkable artifact houses the ethereal aroma of Gold Woman - created by world-renowned master perfumer Guy Robert.


Cristal & Gold Woman - Amouage
Cristal & Gold Woman - Amouage

The first spritz exudes fresh, citrusy notes of bergamot, aldehyde and petitgrain with the sweet, floral note of neroli, enveloped in spicy incense. The heart note develops into a floral bouquet of damask rose, jasmine and exotic ylang-ylang, rounded off with soft, powdery facets of iris and heliotrope. The fragrance is anchored by warm notes of amber, vetiver, sandalwood, labdanum, sweet bourbon vanilla and the animalistic nuance of civet.

"Cristal & Gold Woman" is a revised version of "Gold Woman (Eau de Parfum)".

The perfumer Guy Robert created the original fragrance formulas by using natural ingredients, including some of the rarities of his time. The new creations, on the other hand, were the work of perfumer Alexandra Carlin who gave the fragrances a modern twist.

Amouage is offering 500 of each edition. The crystal flacons with their gilded details were mouth-blown in the workshops of Haute Cristallerie Waltersperger and follow the original shapes - a tribute to the beginnings of the house.

The new fragrances are available in flacon sizes of 50 ml.


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