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17 days ago - 31.03.2024
An Ode to the Sensuality of the Skin: the New Extrait de Parfum Le Musc & la Peau by Pierre Guillaume

An Ode to the Sensuality of the Skin: the New Extrait de Parfum "Le Musc & la Peau" by Pierre Guillaume

With the debut of his first extrait de parfum, Pierre Guillaume presents a more intense reinterpretation of the creamy-fresh fragrance  "4.1 Le Musc & La Peau".

To define this new extract, one could simply add: More direct, more intense, more profound. And perhaps all of this has already been summarized in its code name: Musc Préliminaire, Ur-Musk?

Pierre Guillaume

"Le Musc & La Peau (Extrait de Parfum)" opens with the fresh spice of rosemary, enveloped in a creamy milky note. At the heart, a powdery musky accord blends with exotic floral ylang-ylang, supported by a warm interplay of amber, sandalwood and cedarwood.

Le Musc & La Peau (Extrait de Parfum) - Pierre Guillaume
Le Musc & La Peau (Extrait de Parfum) - Pierre Guillaume

Created by Pierre Guillaume the unisex fragrance presents a highly concentrated reinterpretation of the popular Eau de Parfum "4.1 Le Musc & La Peau" from 2016. Guillaume's aim was to capture the delicacy and sensuality of human skin in a natural musk fragrance and to emphasize its natural appeal - without animal or detergent-scented musk notes.

Le Musc (the musk) & La Peau (the skin), the natural gesture of applying perfume. This musk is a snapshot of our skin and our humanity.

Pierre Guillaume

Pierre Guillaume

In 2002, the then 25-year-old chemist Pierre Guillaume made his debut in the world of fragrances with his first creation "02 Cozé". However, this was not only the starting signal for his career as a perfumer, but also led to the founding of his own company, Parfumerie Générale. For Pierre, perfume is much more than just a pleasant scent - it is a wonderful self-enhancer, an artistic expression of a discipline that combines technique and poetry. His passion for innovation drives him to constantly experiment with new materials and extraction methods to create unique and extraordinary fragrance experiences.

The new fragrance is available in flacon sizes of 50 and 100 ml.


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