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6 months ago - 25.08.2023
Be Delicious Orchard St. by DKNY: A Tribute to New York's Lower East Side

"Be Delicious Orchard St." by DKNY: A Tribute to New York's Lower East Side

DKNY / Donna Karan presents the fruity-floral eau de parfum "Be Delicious Orchard St." as a new, modern complement to 2004's "Be Delicious".

My creation for Orchard St. was inspired by the trendy feel-good vibe that emanates from the Lower East Side. I wanted to transport wearers to this special corner of the Big Apple that embraces difference, art and uniqueness through a fragrance with casual yet sophisticated style and an electrifying downtown spirit.

Natasha Côté

Be Delicious Orchard St. (DKNY)
Be Delicious Orchard St. (DKNY)

"Be Delicious Orchard St." starts with a fruity mix of Cripps pink apple and tangy pink grapefruit, accompanied by a hint of pink pepper. In the heart notes, delicate jasmine and iris blend with the fruity notes of black raspberry and sweet pomegranate. Finally, cedar and leather add depth and a rich dimension to the composition - an ode to the complexity of New York.

Created by Natasha Côté, the fragrance enriches the "Be Delicious" collection, which began in 2004 with the fresh, fruity eau de parfum "Be Delicious".

DKNY / Donna Karan

Behind the abbreviation "DKNY" is the fashion designer Donna Karan from New York. Her career began at Anne Klein, where she later rose to become chief designer. In 1984, the passionate designer finally founded her own fashion label. A year later, Donna Karan caused a sensation with her "Seven Easy Pieces" concept. The collection consisted of seven basic garments that could be combined in many ways to create numerous outfits.

In 1992, the label's first fragrance, "Donna Karan (Eau de Parfum)", was introduced. DKNY draws inspiration from the vibrant ambiance of New York and its designs often reflect the city's urban, diverse and cosmopolitan character.

The new fragrance is available in bottle sizes of 30, 50, 100 ml.


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