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19 days ago - 28.03.2024
Sicilian Opulence: The New Eau de Parfum Quattro Pizzi by XerJoff

Sicilian Opulence: The New Eau de Parfum "Quattro Pizzi" by XerJoff

With the new unisex fragrance "Casamorati - Quattro Pizzi", XerJoff transports you into the world of a Sicilian dynasty characterized by luxury, mystery and sensuality.

The story of a Sicilian dynasty that experienced fame, wealth and power.
Quattro Pizzi, the most famous palace that housed the most symbolic and prominent families of Palermo. A perfume that evokes the Belle Époque, where love, beauty and nobility mingle with mystery and sin.


Casamorati - Quattro Pizzi - XerJoff
Casamorati - Quattro Pizzi - XerJoff

The composition of "Casamorati - Quattro Pizzi" opens with a sweet, warm interplay of rum and exotic davana, spiced with invigorating nuances of pink pepper and coriander. At the heart, creamy coconut notes blend with the sensual floral notes of tuberose. A warm blend of the subtle smoky note of light tobacco, the fresh facets of hay and the vanilla tonka bean, which provides a sweet depth.

A sensual fragrance that lingers on the skin like the forbidden touch of a lover, long after the sun has set. Heat and passion unfold in the notes of this fragrance story against the breathtakingly beautiful backdrop of Sicily.


Casamorati - Quattro Pizzi - XerJoff

The fragrance is part of the "Casamorati 1888" collection by XerJoff, which continues the tradition of the once famous fragrance manufacturer "La Fabbrica di Profumi C. Casamorati". Founded at the end of the 19th century, the Italian manufactory enjoyed an excellent reputation for its high-quality perfumes and bath essences and was awarded numerous national and international prizes throughout its history.

As an ode to the heritage of this glamorous era, the opulent fragrances in the "Casamorati 1888" line are presented in Art Deco-style flacons.

The new fragrance is available in a bottle size of 30 and 100 ml.


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