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"Naturae Xquisite'' - the excellence of nature. It was under this motto that Sergio Momo founded the niche brand XerJoff in 2004. Since his family has a penchant for perfumes,... Read more
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"Naturae Xquisite'' - the excellence of nature. It was under this motto that Sergio Momo founded the niche brand XerJoff in 2004. Since his family has a penchant for perfumes, Momo felt that founding a perfume brand was a logical step. His goal was to merge the art of perfumery and the art of design. In this way, he wanted to show that perfumes used to be something very individual and that the flacons were just as artistic and ornate as the fragrances themselves. Taking the best from nature and uniting it with the best that man can create - this is the goal that Sergio Momo has achieved with XerJoff.

Momo grew up in Italy, and his childhood was defined by the smells of tart herbs and delicate flowers that grew in the gardens of his parents and grandparents. These early impressions are also evident in some of the fragrances in the XerJoff collection. What all of the brand's fragrances have in common is that no compromises are made on the quality of the raw materials. Every single perfume of XerJoff was composed with precious and rare essences. As an example, sandalwood from Mysore is hardly used in any perfume today, as it has become very expensive due to strict export regulations. Most manufacturers therefore use Australian sandalwood or a synthetic substitute, neither of which comes close to the complex aroma of the original. Sergio Momo, however, sources only the best quality sandalwood from Mysore. This may be due in part to his father's passion for sandalwood-centric fragrances, but also to his high standards for using only the best.

In 2004, Momo launched the first fragrance collection under the brand XerJoff, called "XJ 17/17". For him, this collection is the one in which he can give free rein to his creativity. The fragrance compositions are individual and expressive. The fragrances are offered in three different flacons: Rock crystal bottles, Murano bottles and glass bottles with rock crystal as decoration. No matter which type of container you choose, each of them is handmade and thus no two are alike.

The "Shooting Stars" collection was launched in 2007. Sergio Momo wanted to incorporate his passion for astronomy into his perfumes and decided that each bottle would be decorated with a small piece of the Sikhote-Alin meteor that fell over Siberia on the morning of Feb. 12, 1947. The fragrances are more experimental and playful than the more classic compositions from the "XJ 17/17" collection. The bottles are numbered, as only 299 copies of each "Shooting Stars" perfume are produced each year.

To pay homage to the Italian art of perfumery, XerJoff bought a long-forgotten perfume manufactory: La Fabbrica di Profumi C. Casamorati. At that time, Casamorati created very refined fragrances and soaps, which were extremely appreciated among high-ranking personalities. To revive the splendor and glory of the old fragrance house, Sergio Momo created the collection "Casamorati 1888". The compositions are a tribute to Italy and are determined by flowers, herbs and fruits, which are primarily grown there. The artfully designed flacons refer to the historical past of Casamorati.

2012 was the year of oud; no other raw material was more popular than the distinctively scented incense wood. Momo wanted to express his interpretation of oud without following the trend. So he created the "Oud Stars" collection. This consists of captivating perfumes based on traditional Arabic fragrance formulas, making them distinctly different from Western oud perfumes. Another difference is that the perfumers of "Oud Stars" used only natural oud. Among other things, this comes from countries such as India, Borneo or Laos. Every single fragrance in this collection is an olfactory journey into a foreign world.
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