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15 days ago - 18.11.2023
The New Psychedelicious Eau de Parfum by Coreterno: A Symphony of Berries and Flowers

The New "Psychedelicious" Eau de Parfum by Coreterno: A Symphony of Berries and Flowers

With the floral-fruity unisex fragrance "Psychedelicious", Coreterno promises a scented journey into a mysterious forest where reality and fantasy become one.

Pause for a moment. Close your eyes. Allow it to happen. Embark on a journey into an unknown world where the destination is our heart. Venture into the magical woods where meaning and significance lose their value in the threads of a living dream.


Psychedelicious - Coreterno
Psychedelicious - Coreterno

The fragrance journey begins with a fresh and fruity combination of red berries, lychee and mango, accompanied by the spicy aromas of pink pepper and nutmeg. This fruity opening is gently replaced by a floral heart of roses, peonies and magnolias. Finally, warm notes of vanilla, vetiver and sandalwood complete the fragrance experience.

Coreterno: Artistic time travel

The Italian lifestyle brand Coreterno was founded by Francilla Ronchi and Michelangelo Brancato. "Coreterno" means "eternal heart" and reflects the brand's source of inspiration, which draws on the eras of rebellious poets and engravers

The products are adorned with symbols from rock and pop culture, portraits and illustrations from the 19th century, combined with ancient scientific and artistic works. Whether perfumes, candles, cushions, clothing or jewelry - each creation is linked to an inspiring quote or spiritual message.

The new fragrance is available in a bottle size of 100 ml.

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