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7 months ago - 07.09.2022
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“Amphorae” – Xerjoff Introduces Exclusive Collection of Attar Oils.

Luxury perfume label Xerjoff launches "Amphorae", a limited edition fragrance series of six rare and premium Attar oils stored in impressive amphorae.

In ancient times, amphorae were used to store only the most precious contents. The rare and premium oils in this collection are meant to be exquisitely blended to captivate the soul and the senses in just a few precious drops.

"Amphorae 16" is a seductive fruity-floral composition. The warm Indian jasmine extraction is gently enveloped by a woody, earthy steam-distilled Indian cypriol. The undertones are pioneered by musk, a touch of Cambodian oud and vanilla from Madagascar. The perfume is a combination of classic composition and modern accents for today's connoisseurs.

"Amphorae 17" the perfect blend for fans of sweet oriental fragrances. The warm, resinous notes are introduced by a soft fruity davana and violet leaf distillation. Like classic poetry, the gourmand facets reveal themselves with grace; tonka bean, sandalwood and Madagascar vanilla are never too intrusive.

"Amphorae 27"
with its dark and sensual complex composition touches the senses with a unique warmth of wood and spices. A gentle embrace of ylang ylang dances with nutmeg and cardamom, while amber and Bulgarian rose provide an embrace that encourages. The fragrance unfolds its rich magnificence with intense musk accents that settle with deep earthy notes.

"Amphorae 39"
is a rare combination of ancient musk and Mediterranean citrus. It is deep and dark; its complexity reveals an enchanting variety of exotic spices, flowers and a hint of sweet vanilla that underlines the patchouli and spice blends. The fragrance can be used alone or as a base for other Amphorae attars.

"Amphorae 48"
charms with a Bulgarian rose distillation of special quality and is dedicated to rose lovers. The composition is blended with Egyptian geranium and osmanthus. The opening is quite Italian: a citrus cocktail with peels of Amalfi lemon and Calabrian bergamot. The fragrance is modern yet romantic, supported by soft gourmand notes of vanilla, paired with cedarwood, Siam benzoin and a touch of patchouli.

Leather and chocolate notes are the extroverted opening of a fancy journey that offers "Amphorae 56". The complexity of 56 spreads gently and harmoniously over time. Patchouli, incense and vanilla combine masterfully with Indian cypriol. It is an atmospheric attar that can be worn all year round.

The fragrances are available in an amphora of 6 ml exclusively online on the website of Xerjoff.
The amphorae cost between 1500,- and 1700,- €.
For a previous test, there is a sample set in which all the perfumes of the series are included.

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