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Cinnamon (Men's Fragrances)

Cinnamon (Men's Fragrances) 10 months ago

I'm at a loss and have been unable to find what I'm looking for. While I can't remember the exact year I can give a range of years, 1988 to 1993 as a young teenager I was with an Uncle of mine at a gathering. I'll never forget smelling the fragrance he was wearing, it was the strongest Cinnamon scent I've ever smelled, but I do not know the name of the fragrance he had and can't ask my Uncle anymore either. 

I only remember the smell and have been searching for a men's cinnamon scented fragrance within those years, those years because I can't recall the exact year, when I think back I say to myself 'I believe 1989 but then again it could've been 1992', so I just added one year before and after to be more certain:) 

Anyway, if you don't know the answer maybe you'll know where to find the answer better than me. What could have been a cinnamon scented fragrance for men in those years? Thanks to anyone... 

9 months ago

Parfumo has a search function (as well as other perfume database sites online) that allow searching for specific note(s) and perfumes that list them. If there's no one in your family who can name the perfume specifically like a sibling or partner of your uncle, you can search on this site for anything listing 'Cinnamon' as a note. this link is for a sample search of all perfumes in Parfumo db that have cinnamon listed as a note filtered by male/unisex and released between 1980-1990.

If you remember the shape of the bottle or you have an idea of what your uncle's lifestyle was (such as he wouldn't wear an after shave, or he wouldn't buy a luxury perfume for 80s/90s equivalent of tom ford prices) the thumbnails/brands could help narrow down the options for you. I don't think it's a filter option but also consider the brands available in the country your uncle lived in/had access to in the 80s as well as a perfume that was first released in the 1920s or 1950s could have been on the market in 1988.

if you have a detailed recollection of what the actual bottle design/size was, I saw a post before on reddit where someone drew the bottle shape and a redditor was able to confirm the fragrance they were thinking of so also an option.

9 months ago 1

@Deatkins1 I'd suggest trying these first, they all have prominent cinnamon notes and were fairly popular.

Égoïste (Eau de Toilette)Égoïste Eau de Toilette

Obsession for Men (Eau de Toilette)Obsession for Men Eau de Toilette

Versace L'Homme (Eau de Toilette)Versace L'Homme Eau de Toilette

9 months ago

Halston Z-14 (Cologne)Halston Z-14 Cologne

I don't think it happens to be the fragrance you are looking for, but it's a possibility.

It's from the '70s, but since the scent is still around today, you could have come across it in the '80s or '90s as well.

9 months ago


As @Hammudas points out, it would be interesting to find out what his price range would be. Did he like to splurge on luxury items?
Also, you can not exclude years prior to 1988. As a matter fact, it could well be that he used Knize Ten (Toilet Water)Knize Ten Toilet Water which has been around since the 1920's.
Now looking at more likely candidates: Old Spice Classic / Old Spice (Cologne) (1990)Old Spice Classic Cologne or Boss Number One / Boss (Eau de Toilette)Boss Number One Eau de Toilette or Obsession for Men (Eau de Toilette)Obsession for Men Eau de Toilette ...I would bet on those. They were popular at the time, especially the CK has a cinnamon heavy opening ...I would check those first🤷

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