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Which bodyproducts smell gorgeous to you?

Which bodyproducts smell gorgeous to you? 29 days ago

Sometimes you may stumble upon a lotion, face cream, deo, shampoo, soap...(you name it, it can be anything) you'd wish there would be a perfume that smells just like that.

I, for instance, had Revlon Flex shampoo in the past...oh how I loved that smell! Can you name one (or more) beautyproducts that gave you that feeling? And did you find a perfume that came close?

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Fenty Skin Butta Drop Vanilla Dream Whipped Oil Body Cream with Tropical Oils + Butters : smells like a warm buttery vanilla. Perfect for layering with numerous vanilla based perfumes.

Moroccanoil Body Souffle Moisturizer : it smells ambery with gently floral notes. A lovely body souffle reminiscent of the hair mist.

Ouai St. Barts Gentle Body Wash: one day, there'll be a perfume of this. It's a lovelyyyyyyy dragon fruit and tropical forward body wash. Lovely for summer / spring

Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Bum Bum Body Cream : for those who love Cheirosa '62, this body cream is a classic.

Tatcha Hinoki Body Milk Lotion: one of my 2023 discoveries. Smells like a spa in the woods. Ultra calming and soothing

I also have recently discovered the mango Dove shampoo and conditioner that smell what Fame should have smelled like. Divine creamy mango.

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R+Co Dallas Shampoo

Dali body oil

The Love Co. Blackrose & Oudh body wash

Derma B Musky Leather body wash

28 days ago 1

Anything Jo Malone puts out in their line of body products is great to me

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I really like the eos scented body lotions- really enjoyed vanilla cashmere (an almost overpowering sweet frosting smell) and bought fresh and cozy last week which I like even more.

Trader Joe’s has a tea tree oil body wash as well as a citrus body wash that I love. And in same category, LOVE LOVE LOVE the saltair exotic pulp body wash.

and probably my favorite of all time is the dr bronners almond scent (green bottle) soap. I’d buy it more tbh but I hate how it’s only ever sold in this huge unwieldy bottle

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Kind of cheating since it’s ysl but ages ago I had a sample of the ysl opium scented shower gel and it was so fantastic. I’ve never rationed a beauty product like that before lol

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28 days ago

Thanks for all the great suggestions already 😀! A lot of them are unknown to me, so a lot to discover here!

Does anyone know Marbert Classic bodylotion? It's lovely if you like a 'fresh out of the shower'- scent which is not boring and it performs almost like perfume! (In fact there is an EDT that should match the lotion, It's nice, but I don't think it really matches the lotion completely, I like the lotion better. The deo is nice too and smells more like the lotion.

18 days ago

Truefitt & Hill West Indian Limes Shower Gel, which is a scent even the former queen of England loved, their coconut Shampoo and Conditioner as well as their Moisturiser. They also have great deodorants and Eau de Colognes in general. Basically all their products are kinda like an Eau de Cologne. Otherwise Floris London is also an amazing company for grooming products, besides that maybe Murdock or D.R. Harris.

5 days ago

Pink/Rosa Dove bar. I have noticed differences depending on from where it’s imported (to America). The ones from Mexico smelling noticeably more of just rose water. The one from Canada or Germany smelling more of a creamier bouquet, with roses. I prefer the latter. The closest perfume I’ve found is Camille (Beckman).

The other is Neutrogena body oil, the original. I don’t know if it’s made anymore. It was a pure orange blossom scent. Loved the smell, but it broke me out. Luckily, there are several perfumes that recreate that aroma.

4 days ago

Lately, it's been Trader Joe's Pumpkin Spice body butter and scrub.

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