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New here !

New here ! 8 months ago 1

Hey guys! 
I'm new here, because parfumo was recommended to me by a friend. 
I'm not yet sure how to find fragrances that suit me, get good recommendations, or obtain samples.
I thought about a perfume for young women, something sweet, but not overbearing. Since I am working in a hospital, I would love to find something long-lasting that I can wear every day.

My standard-perfume always was Joop Le Bain, but it got really boring after years. I am very open for new ones! 

Thank you so much for you answers! 

8 months ago

Welcome @Lilly44444 ! 🤗💕

Wow, is it allowed in some countries to wear fragrances at hospitals? I had no idea, I thought hospitals are always fragrance free environments. I would probably choose something very light and innofensive and probably using rollerball or dabbing application to make it sit very close to skin and not to offend anyone. I would choose something citrusy or soft floral (no white florals). That's a very different scent profile from Le Bain (Eau de Parfum)Le Bain Eau de Parfum though so the question is do light citruses or florals match your personal taste at all?

8 months ago

Hello @Lilly44444 !. 🙂 welcome to Parfumo and i hope you have a great time here and if you need anything i am glad to help you!. 🌺

About your question i understand your concern the work place of hospitals is quite limiting when it comes to perfumes. But i think you can wear someting subtle with longetivity. Something soft floral or soft powdery with hints of flowers perhaps like Lempi suggested to you. I will recommend you Guilty pour Femme (Eau de Parfum)Guilty pour Femme Eau de ParfumOmnia Crystalline L'Eau de ParfumOmnia Crystalline L'Eau de ParfumRose ExtaseRose ExtaseLove, Chloé Eau FloraleLove, Chloé Eau FloraleCrystal Noir (Eau de Toilette)Crystal Noir Eau de Toilette.

All of them belong at the general category flowery / powdery perfumes, i have tried all of them they are subtle and feminine, escpecially Rose Extase and Crystal Noir eau de toilette issue and has a decent longetivy. I would suggest you to start from them and i will come with more suggestion afterwards!.

Welcome again Lilly!. 🧡🌼

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8 months ago

Hello @Lilly44444 and welcome!

I'd recommend something soft and powdery like classic Noa (Eau de Toilette)Noa Eau de ToiletteBody (Eau de Parfum)Body Eau de Parfum or Cashmere Mist (Eau de Parfum)Cashmere Mist Eau de Parfum. Let us know when you try them!

8 months ago


A good friend of mine is a nurse and she wears Un Jardin sur la LaguneUn Jardin sur la Lagune. I think something from Narciso Rodriguez could be good too, just go easy on the number of sprays. I don't know about "perfume-free policies" in hospitals but I imagine that it can be very comforting to be able to smell your own perfume during your shift.

8 months ago

I agree with soft florals and immediately thought of Candy FloraleCandy Florale it's sweet and pretty and has decent longevity but not tons of projection. I think if you can't find that one, any of the Candy (Eau de Parfum)Candy Eau de Parfum line would work.

welcome! I'm new here too 😊

8 months ago 1

@Welcome @Embomb. 🙂 I hope you have a great time in Parfumo Community!. If you have any questions i can gladly help you. Your made recomendations to the point!.

8 months ago

@Welcome @Embomb. 🙂 I hope you have a great time in Parfumo Community!. If you have any questions i can gladly help you. Your made recomendations to the point!.

You're so kind, thank you 😊 

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