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Fresh, dark and mysterious performer

Fresh, dark and mysterious performer 1 month ago

Salutations, I am looking for a fresh-summer fragrance with good performance that is dark and mysterious.

I have in mind something like Encre Noire (Eau de Toilette)Encre Noire Eau de Toilette and Encre Noire SportEncre Noire Sport , I already own and enjoy them but they are not as they used to be. It's okay if your suggestions go the same gothic / church / old library vibes, I like it like this.

I also used to rock Kenzo Homme (2022) (Eau de Parfum)Kenzo Homme (2022) Eau de Parfum which is also a dark blue fragrance usable in summer but not high heat, It was too linear and I got bored with it.

AventusAventus style or DNA does not work for me.

I would prefer designer but I am also good with niche. The budget is 200 euro but I want something that is relatively easy to find in Europe. I want to be able to use it everywhere.

I appreciate your help!

1 month ago

I dont know if I'd call it fresh, but I think you should give L'Homme IntenseL'Homme Intense a try if you haven't already! This balances that clean powdery iris with a darker patchouli vibe. Great stuff!

A niche recommendation that you might enjoy is SquidSquid. Its been described as an incensey church sunken to the seafloor.

1 month ago

Thanks for the suggestions 👍

I can enjoy a little bit of powder but not much, I am not a fan of very powdery fragrances.

SquidSquid is an interesting one, it has been recommended to me before but I need to find a tester or decant. This is now on my list, too.

At the moment I am waiting for a tester for Laudano NeroLaudano Nero to arrive, so this is already on my list. I am looking for these very dark, depressing, church or death like fragrances.

But I do not like things like No Limit$No Limit$Guilty Absolute pour HommeGuilty Absolute pour Homme or Boss Bottled ElixirBoss Bottled Elixir - I don't want to stink or smell like a greasy mechanic.

If you guys have other ideas please share them with me, even if they are not really fresh, thank you!

1 month ago
22 days ago

Y le parfum is a good fit for what u want , dark solid and serious freshie and can be worn almost all year and everywhere

other example r : versace dylan blue, ADG profumo, BDC parfum

14 days ago

Your description makes me think of Series 3: Incense - ZagorskSeries 3: Incense - Zagorsk, though I'm not quite sure I would classify that as a summer, or even summer leaning fragrance.It's worth trying though, maybe it'll be the perfect summer scent for you :p

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