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Banned brand research submissions

Banned brand research submissions 25 days ago 2

Hello! I submitted research to add the fragrance "Caramel Cascade" from the brand Paris Corner's "Taskeen" collection.

It was rejected, and I was told the reason is that it is a "banned brand" - but Paris Corner Perfumes is not on the Parfumo Banned Brands list.

I understand that some brands request to be included on the banned list, and some brands are banned from Parfumo's directory if the brand creates "dupes" of fragrances.

Caramel Cascade has been compared by some fragrance reviewers as being similar to Bianco LatteBianco Latte , but:

- it does not have the same fragrance notes as Bianco Latte
- Paris Corner's website does not say it is inspired by Bianco Latte
- this comparison or claim of it being a "dupe" of Bianco Latte, is purely from the opinion of fragrance enthusiasts

I've also seen some brands who have a large presence in the Parfumo database, but who still have many "dupes" which are included in Parfumo's database - such as The Dua Brand, with one example being their Popped CherryPopped Cherry fragrance (dupe of Lost Cherry (Eau de Parfum)Lost Cherry Eau de Parfum , but it is still in Parfumo's database).

Could someone please help me understand better why:

- some dupe brands are still allowed in the Parfumo directory (like The Dua Brand), while other dupe brands are not?
- some submissions would be rejected for being a "banned brand", when the brand is not included on the Parfumo Banned Brands list?

Thank you for your help! 🙂

(Caramel Cascade research rejection: )

23 days ago 2

Paris Corner was on the previous banned brand list posted on the forum. It appears it was not correctly migrated to the new list. I added it again now.

No new DUA dupes are listed for approx. 3 years now. The clean up of the maintained data can happen any time.

23 days ago

Thank you for explaining, I appreciate it!

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