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Favorite house ( Designer & Niche )

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Favorite house ( Designer & Niche ) 12 years ago
Just curious to who your favorite designer and niche houses are. It's difficult to choose one, but I guess I can live with :

Etienne Aigner

12 years ago
Designer : Estee Lauder

Niche : Guerlain exclusives, Montale
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12 years ago
I´m very impressed by Frederic Malle's line, although I don´t own anything by that house (yet?).

Designer is a tie between Dior and Chanel (exclusive lines included).
12 years ago

Designer - none worthy just yet
Niche - Serge Lutens
12 years ago
At the moment:

Designer: Lolita Lempicka, Fresh

Niche: Serge Lutens
12 years ago
Designer: Chanel, Guerlain (although theoretically Guerlain is more of a mainstream niche)

Niche: Serge Lutens, L'Artisan Parfumeur
12 years ago
Designer: Hermès
Niche: Frédéric Malle or Histoire des Parfums (tie)
Favorite Budget Designer: Balmain
Favorite Budget Niche: Tokyo Milk

12 years ago

Niche: Serge Lutens and Lorenzo Villoresi
12 years ago
Jean Paul Gaultier (cold weather)
Hermès (hot weather)
Histoires de Parfums (cold weather)
Acqua di Parma (hot weather)
12 years ago
I had to think a while about this but here it goes
Niche: parfumerie generale (with serge mentioned)
designer: Chanel
12 years ago
6 month ago I would have said

Designer = Hermès

Niche = ??

Now i would say

Designer = Guerlain (it took me a while), followed by Chanel and Hermès

Niche = difficult. I love some Lutens, but hate many. I love one Kilian but hate most of the rest, I like some Eldo (but know too little yet). Frankly I don't know cause I still have to get to know more stuff, e.g. from Malle.
12 years ago
Designer: Dior

Niche: Malle
12 years ago
Designer -- Hermès

Niche -- L'Artisan Parfumeur
12 years ago
Designer: Chanel and Burberry.

Niche: Le Labo and Annick Goutal.
12 years ago
By taste, ideas and quality: Hilde Soliani
By amount of bottles I own: Loewe Wink

Designer: Lalique or Crabtree & Evelyn
12 years ago
Designer house is an easy one it's would be Chanel.

Niche House is a bit more tricky, I'll have a think...
12 years ago
Designer: Thierry Mugler, Kenzo and Vivienne Westwood.

Niche: Haha, all over the place really.
Miscellaneous 12 years ago

Niche;L'Artisan Parfumeur
11 years ago
Designer: Chanel

Niche: Odin
11 years ago
Designer: Guerlain

Niche: Divine
11 years ago
Designer: Guerlain

Niche: Ramón Monegal! Never imagined such great fragrances comming from Spain. Absolutely marvellous!
11 years ago
Designer: Lalique & Chloe & Chanel

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11 years ago
Designer: Guerlain and Hermes, also Balmain

Niche would be harder to pick, probably L'Artisan.
11 years ago
So tough to pick just one from either category...


For quantity of scents I enjoy - Hermes or Jean Patou (vintage)
For quality of scents within the line - Anat Fritz and Jean Patou (vintage)


For quantity of scents I enjoy - EdP Frederic Malle or M. Micallef or O'driu (tossup)
For quality of scents I enjoy - EdP Frederic Malle and O'driu and Mona di Orio (tossup)
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