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Whittoria by 1907
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7.3 / 10 9 Ratings
Whittoria is a perfume by 1907 for women and was released in 2020. The scent is sweet-floral. It is still available to purchase.
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Submitted by multiple users, last update on 03.02.2022.
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2 in-depth fragrance descriptions
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Top Review 39  
Pink with bows
Orange blossom and jasmine, vanilla and white musk. Mm. A pretty fragrance pyramid that is. That's why I was very happy when dear Susan sent me this new fragrance from 1907, which she didn't like at all. I think it's actually quite nice. Actually. But in turn.

Even at the first careful sniff of the spray head sent me a brain signal that it has smelled this before. Sure, orange blossom, I thought to myself. I usually really like orange blossom in fragrance, as long as it doesn't present itself too campy. A bit sultry this one is, was thought #2 after I sprayed the scent. Again, it rang. APOM Homme resonates a bit here, which was a bit too much for me, but in principle not wrong.

It took me a while to jog my memory. But it did something after the rather fresh and delicate prelude from Hesperides, which I find very nice by the way, had settled. As soon as the fragrance shows me its ostensibly floral face, I have the memory then clearly before my eyes.

As some of you know, Parfumo is not my first internet community that is all about perfume and fragrances. I was on another platform until around 2013, but on which perfume played a rather minor role. Still, there were fans and fragrance professionals galore. And when the US cosmetics company Benefit launched its first fragrance, Maybe Baby, in 2003, the hype was correspondingly huge. At the time, I still lived in a big city and was therefore able to test this newcomer myself very quickly. Honestly? I was pretty disappointed. After all the praise, such a flowery little-girl scent? I felt too old for that at the time. Nope, I don't want to smell that pink with bows. So checked off.

Now I look at the Maybe Baby again and check the notes of the newcomer Whittoria in parallel. Funnily enough, the two have except for the musk no similarities at all and I admit that I also do not remember so exactly whether Maybe Baby, which here is one of the very big flops, such as Boris Becker in the men, smelled like orange blossom. Still, Whittoria reminds me immediately of Maybe Baby. I see unicorns, pink sparkly dresses, in fact everything that would appeal to sweet little Agnes from the Despicable Me movies. American little girl dream in fragrance form.

Olfactorically, this is certainly not badly done and therefore I even give it an 8. No synthetic-wooden-hammer, as for example with Delina or BR 540, which surprises me absolutely positively in such a modern fragrance. You just have to like this floral sweet scent, which I might on a scented pen or candle, but not necessarily on myself. I'm definitely not that cute, chicken or no chicken. Hihi.

So, I hope you guys now have a rough idea of what this one smells like. And if you liked Maybe Baby or are APOM fans too, give this one a try. I find it intriguing that this scent is supposed to be particularly appealing to men. Boys I'll put up with, because for girls up to 14 or 15 and those who want to feel like that, you can let it pass. Späßle ;)

Dear thanks to Susan for the test opportunity.
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Top Review 38  
"A man's fantasy coagulated into sensual perfume" ;-)....
I don't usually write comments on fragrances that I rate a 7.........7 is, in fact, the worst rating of all for me!!!

7 means: the fragrance is neither great nor lousy, but just somehow nothing at all....triggers zero comma zero feelings.......not even bad ......it's just invisible and meaningless....if not superfluous ;-)....

Why now do I still feel compelled to comment...


Because YOU - dear men - have decided that we women should smell exactly SO to excite your pleasure (and possibly other) *grin* ;-)).....

This scent is the ultimate answer to the ever recurring forum question, "What scent do men find sexy"...!!!


At least, that's the view of the House of 1907....
which I have so far held in high esteem
I quote from the house's own fragrance description:

It all began with a survey of men: what should a woman smell like? The answers were: Clean, pure... hard to miss... delicately seductive... ...feminine... special. Based on these answers, the perfume house created an ideal women's fragrance in 1907. You could also say: a male fantasy coagulated into sensual perfume.

The fragrance

"Clean, pure": hence the white flowers and citrus freshness in the opening. In addition, the word white was also subtly hidden in the name of the perfume.

"Hard to miss, delicately seductive": that's the reason for the apple at the heart of Whittoria.
"Feminine": hence the white musk and vanilla.

"Special": for the special note provides in this perfume an extraordinary star guest: the myrrh!

Quote end

But is WHITTORIA really a "male fantasy coagulated into a sensual perfume"...?

Should that be so, so I remain probably all my life unhonored :-p......Mein usually sprayed on "Fräulein Rottenmeier" - charm seems to leave the men's world unfortunately quite cold......ein shame *grins*......with oak moss and galbanum you can just not win a flower pot.....geschweigen even a man's heart *sigh*......

But what is my personal perception of WHITTORIA? There are first of all citrus fruits.....and soon a huge orange blossom in the middle of which sits a spherical sweet apple.......at the same time a lush shower of jasmine trickles down on this "idyllic" still life.......

I'm sure you can already tell which direction this whole affair is heading ;-)......

For quite a while it remains just fruity-floral-sweet......something later the woods try to get a little attention.......this succeeds, however, only quite limited........with energetic support of a lovely musk note it remains relentlessly sweet.......the myrrh brings in the end actually a little saucy twist in the whole affair......but not TOO saucy..!!! After all, WHITTORIA does not want to scare, but all lovely and above all harmlessly beguile .....

And who knows.....it might even succeed ;-)....

I for my part will then now retire to the monastery and pay homage there for the rest of my days to the rugged, "unsexy" Chypres..... farewell men, farewell *wink*......
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