Light Silver

Light Silver by Anna Biondi
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Light Silver is a popular perfume by Anna Biondi for women. The release year is unknown. The scent is fresh-citrusy. It is still in production.
We may earn a commission when you buy from links on our site, including the eBay Partner Network.

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Happy beginning instead of happy ending
Somehow I had never really noticed that perfume is also available at Aldi. Normally, my stay there is limited to the shortest possible period of time in which I collect everything I buy there anyway and then disappear again. Not because I have anything against Aldi, but because I don't like to stay in grocery stores longer than necessary. I don't know what childhood trauma that comes from, I don't care!
But during the Corona Lockdown I was standing in a very long queue in the discount store mentioned in the beginning of this article and I followed my thoughts. 'there is a neon tube defective, it should be replaced'... 'I hate flip-flops'... 'haven't I forgotten anything?'... 'wow, always these card payers who can't remember their PIN'... 'huh?'.. Since when does Aldi have perfume?'..

So I had to take a closer look. After a few moments I had put Fuchs together to tell me which Scent Twins it should be and I decided on Light Silver. The original was somehow still positive in my memory and so I thought, for the price it can't hurt, because now the summer is approaching unstoppably.

At home I tried it immediately and thought: 'What a wonderful lemon scent! Who would have thought it was possible for this price? Well, if it stays like this, then this is my new favourite summer scent!'

Long Story short: It didn't stay that way and it's not my new favourite summer scent! What started so promisingly developed after about 30 minutes into a very unpleasant direction. The wonderful lemon had completely fizzled out and what remained was an old man's aftershave fragrance that drifted a bit into the musty stuff the longer I gave it a chance. I was really disappointed!
Two weeks later I tried again with the original. I sprayed some of it on the back of my hand in a drugstore and unfortunately the fresh start disappeared much too quickly. What was left also reminded me a bit of aftershave, but it didn't smell as stale as I had experienced with Light Silver.

Why this scent was stored in the brain region with the positive memories, I really don't know. Today he wouldn't be able to get there and his evil twin wouldn't get there anyway!

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Anni Blondi-Light Silver
This perfume is fresh light and very very subtle. I have emptied my bottle (purchased from Aldi Grocery Store) and I am totally disappointed that I cannot purchase anymore. It is the best value perfume i have bought for a good few years,I have always bought more expensive perfumes,but this has been the best. It last a long time once applied,and I have received many comments about the fragrance.I am looking foreward to being able to purchase this again. Congratulations to Anna Blondi for this extra special fragrance.
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