Jasmina by April Aromatics
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6.7 / 10 41 Ratings
Jasmina is a perfume by April Aromatics for women and men. The release year is unknown. The scent is floral-animal. It is still available to purchase.
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We may earn a commission when you buy from links on our site, including the eBay Partner Network.

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American pink grapefruitAmerican pink grapefruit French jasminum grandiflorumFrench jasminum grandiflorum Indian jasminum grandiflorumIndian jasminum grandiflorum Thai ylang-ylangThai ylang-ylang


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Submitted by Feylamia, last update on 09.05.2022.
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a great but forbidden love
Large-flowered white jasmine spreads a fragrance that can be experienced as a loving embrace, but also as a disgusting stinker.
So here, just like with lily of the valley and lilac, the opinions/perceptions of men and women generally differ.

For me, the typical sweet, a little austere scent that jasmine exudes in the evening hours brings back memories of big and small love stories.
Stories about love in private, but also stories about love that went down in history.

The extensive pergola overgrown with jasmine in the park of the Mirabell Palace in Salzburg was certainly witness to many such stories.
That's why it comes to my mind immediately when I first met "Jasmina" from April Aromatics.

At the end of the baroque park, where no fence or gate separates it from the city, but a wide footpath leads directly past the Mozarteum, we find this pergola.
Already on sunny, bright and warm days a shady and sought-after place, it is a popular meeting place for lovers in the evening hours.

The question of whether this jasmine was allowed to witness the great love between Prince Archbishop Wolf Dietrich von Raitenau and the lady Salome Alt is not asked. But the thought that this scent could have accompanied the paths of the two, I like very much.

This love was just as great and full of children - 15 children came out of this relationship!, as forbidden.
For Wolf Dietrich, as "sovereign" of the prince archbishopric of Salzburg, was a son of the church and was subject to celibacy like all the others.
That he made his Salome believe that the Pope had given dispensation to this union is forgiven him.
It was one of those very "light grey lies" born of love.

Having reached this high office at only 28 years of age, the relative of the Medici family, who was distant from the family by his mother, felt accustomed to the generous and sunny city of Rome, on the one hand privileged and on the other hand very lonely in this old, then still very dark and winding city.
So it was fateful for both of them that he met his great and only love Salome at an official dinner of the Salzburg merchants.
Salome, daughter of the merchant and alderman Wilhelm Alt, was from a good, middle-class family. Her grandfather had already been mayor of this town.
Her life changed abruptly when she placed herself and her fate in the hands of her beloved man.
Her parents disowned her; her relatives turned away: she became "persona non grata".
Even the companions of her youth shunned her; they felt uncomfortable in the stately rooms that Salome initially occupied in the prince-archbishop's residence.
So she lived only this, not long secret love; lived for 22 years only for this man and their common children.

This love let Wolf Dietrich von Raitenau build the little castle Altenau, today Mirabell Castle, outside the city. He wished for his beloved wife and children an appropriate dwelling.
The political circumstances brought him down. The prince archbishop had lost out in one of the recurring quarrels with Bavaria over the valuable salt: as a result he was banished for life to the fortress Hohensalzburg His nephew and successor Markus Sittikus prevented his release with his objection and the subsequent banishment of his uncle. He seemed to him, even from a distance, to be too strong a competitor.
The fact that this "so morally strict" nephew later had the Lustschlösschen Hellbrunn with its versatile and entertaining fountains built for his lover Ursula, wife of the captain of his bodyguard, is a rather piquant addition of fate.

"Dame Salome" was first arrested after the imprisonment of her beloved master, but was released after a short time and moved with her children to Wels.
There she was taken in by her cousin Felicitas, whose marriage with the Protestant merchant Christoph Weiß had supported her at the beginning of her relationship with Wolf Dietrich.
She even still attended the simple wedding party of the two, although she was already Wolf Dietrich's lover at that time.
It was thanks to him, however, that the couple were able to leave Salzburg with all of Christoph Weiß' possessions. At the time of the Huguenot persecution this was not usual!
She lived in Wels for 16 years after the death of her lover in 1617. In her heart his widow, from then on she only wore black clothes.
(By the way, the "Salome Old House" is still standing there)

"Jasmina" by April Aromatics tells me this story very vividly with its fragrance.
I almost see the loving couple strolling in the evening park of their little castle towards this strongly scented pergola. I wonder what they are talking about right now?
This strong aroma, so typical for white flowering plants, gains a special harmony through the lovable radiance of Ylang-Ylang: it makes this fragrance very loving and tender.
The bitter note of pink grapefruit gives this simple yet refined composition a lively effervescence.

The durability of this "naturally natural" fragrance is in good mediocrity for me; however, it also takes a little longer for this aromatic fragrance to reach its full development in my fish-flowered creature.

For me, this jasmine scent contains a lot of tenderness and love.
Therefore I kept it myself, although I passed on the rest of the rich sample cassette.
At this point I would like to thank Can777 once again, who gave me great pleasure with this collection.
But even this simple glass bottle, in which so much love and tenderness has been captured in fragrance, makes "Jasmina" very precious to me.
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