Unter den Linden

Unter den Linden by April Aromatics
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Unter den Linden is a popular perfume by April Aromatics for women and men. The release year is unknown. The scent is floral-green. It is still in production. Pronunciation
We may earn a commission when you buy from links on our site, including the eBay Partner Network.

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Bulgarian linden blossomBulgarian linden blossom French linden blossom absoluteFrench linden blossom absolute French mimosaFrench mimosa GardeniaGardenia HoneyHoney Indian frangipaniIndian frangipani Italian bergamotItalian bergamot MagnoliaMagnolia


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What are you doing under the lime trees? Speak up!
I know my title may be provocative and offensive to some, but did you expect anything else from a single who has a little dirty on his mind (I just said A LITTLE to make that clear!!)? *sigh* :D

I mean, especially now in summer, somewhere outside, in the park or forest (or wherever else lime trees occur,... I as the worst botanist of all times have no idea about it), a couple could get the idea in an unobserved moment to play some love games under trees like lime trees (or what else you do,... I as the worst single of all times have no idea about what couples could do... :D). And apart from that, something like that must be quite widespread, because why else are there so many places or forest areas that are called "forest lust"? Yeah, yeah, sure!

Arrrr... all right. Well then, welcome to a new fragrance description from me. I introduce the fragrance "Unter den Linden" by April Aromatics, a brand I didn't know yet. The scent here sounds actually quite fine, because it reminds of a forest or trees and therefore of beautiful, green notes... but unfortunately this is not completely true, because the scent has a somewhat biting aftertaste...

The fragrance:
The fragrance begins bitter-green and floral. The flowery scents are slightly stuffy and not really identifiable at the beginning, at least I have no idea what they smell like. However, I notice lime trees well, even if I remember the scent of the lime tree more beautifully (e.g. in scents like Tilleul by d'Orsay). But in spite of the bitter note, the lime tree does not smell bad here either, of course, even if the bitter notes might sometimes make it more biting.
A little later the fragrance still smells of lime trees, which are still green, but now also much more biting and bitter. I still can't determine the flowery notes with certainty, but they are all together somehow quite dry and slightly stuffy.
Much later it doesn't smell any different. Well, the lime trees become weaker, so that the scent only smells of stuffy, dry, slightly bitter-green notes. I don't like it, but maybe this has its lovers, too.
The later base is still stuffy, but then at least a little softer, so that all the flowery scents don't come across so extremely biting. Then one can also perceive very few simple, sweetish notes, which remind a little of honey. However, for me this phase starts much too late, and I don't like it soo much either. That's why I hardly liked this scent.

The Sillage and the shelf life:
The Sillage is above average, which means that he would still have to be sniffed out to some extent in the vicinity. The shelf life is ten hours and even more, but at least half of it is the scent close to the body, which makes the shelf life seem shorter.

The bottle:
The bottle is cylindrical, has a thick base and is filled with a yellowish scented liquid. The label on the front is white with a gold-plated frame on which you can see the name as well as the elaborate logo of the brand, which looks like a coat of arms. The chrome-plated neck is thick, on it sits the cylindrical and transparent lid. All in all okay, but nothing special.

Okay, so under "Unter den Linden" I imagined a nicer scent. Something that makes me think of the mentioned Tilleul of d'Orsay and therefore smells similar. The linden scent is present here and can be smelled well, but it comes across to me here mostly simply too biting and pungent, especially in combination with the stuffy floral scents. The scent is slightly bitter and seems to me as if I had bitten into parts of plants and afterwards had this bitter taste in my mouth (not that I would eat plants, but hopefully you know how I mean this :D).

This scent would totally smother me in the middle of summer. Sure, scent perceptions are different, but I just don't like this extremely dry scent and therefore I wouldn't really recommend it for a test. And in summer I would rather use it less, if at all, then spring or autumn.

Soo... so if it smelled like that under the lime trees,... I wouldn't be tempted to do "something" under the lime trees... on the other hand... well, maybe I would. I told you I had a little dirty thoughts! D

All right, that's it, then. I wish you a nice evening, until the next time :)
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