Boutonnière N° 7 2012

Boutonnière N° 7 by Arquiste
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6.9 / 10 31 Ratings
Boutonnière N° 7 is a perfume by Arquiste for women and men and was released in 2012. The scent is floral-green. It is still in production.
We may earn a commission when you buy from links on our site, including the eBay Partner Network.

Main accords


Fragrance Pyramid

Top Notes Top Notes
French lavenderFrench lavender Calabrian bergamotCalabrian bergamot Italian mandarin orangeItalian mandarin orange
Heart Notes Heart Notes
GardeniaGardenia Mitriostigma axillare Violet leaf absoluteViolet leaf absolute Broom absoluteBroom absolute
Base Notes Base Notes
CastoreumCastoreum Croatian oak mossCroatian oak moss LabdanumLabdanum VetiverVetiver


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Isn't there a man here with a carnation?
24. The opera Cendrillon by Massenet is premiered at the Opéra-Comique in Paris. Cendrillon is a fairy tale opera, the fairy tale is Cinderella. But adults still went to the opera. There are also ballet scenes and altogether it is perhaps a romantic theme if you are romantically inclined. (The author of this commentary is as romantic as a mallet.)

(According to the official website:) During the break, seven young men (since fairy tales are involved, there must be seven) meet in the foyer to pick up brides. At that time there were no clubs, discos or the like and also Tinder, Adopte un mec or something like that did not exist yet. Of course, various young women are immediately attracted by the fresh green scent of the gardenias in the skirts of the young men. The axe of the late 19th century. As the ladies approach, the buttonhole flowers (translation for Boutonnière) exude their elegant masculine scent.

What the marketing department has spun together again. I have to think of my current student who says, "I don't know 4711, I was born in 1993." (Too bad for him. 4711 is a great memory aid for the average size of an adult's kidney.) I would have said to this squad of gardenia men: "Is there no man with a carnation here?"

Boutonnière (buttonhole flower) starts very nicely with a citrus lavender chord. It's so great, I got a little drunk. But already on the way out the scent changed dramatically. The start lavender is slightly minty and if it had gone on like this, I would want to buy the stuff immediately. Gardenia dominates the heart note. It's a bit like a gender change, the gentlemen with the buttonhole flower become ladies. You can do that, but it's not elegant and masculine. It's a beautiful gardenia, not too indolent. I'm touchy about it. But it's also a boring gardenia. Gardenia remains predominant for a long time and after 1-2 hours I noticed that my wrist suddenly smelled like a generic Vetiver shower gel men's stuff. Did we reorient ourselves? The vetiver shower gel scent suits me better than gardenia, but it was also boring and already smelled too often. After 6 hours the buttonhole flower was withered.

I find it dangerous to say who can wear this buttonhole flower. She is in any case totally suitable for cross dressing. Buttonhole flower survives an opera performance and would not disturb the people sitting next to it. Otherwise the Sillage for going out is rather too weak. I couldn't wear a buttonhole flower at my place of work. In the gardenia phase the patients would complain, in the vetiver shower gel phase my colleagues. But there are certainly workplaces where nobody can get close to you and you can carry anything anyway. On an oil rig, for example
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A Praise of the Buttonhole Flower
With white-flowered plants and me, it's one thing: I love them, but wear them, no.
I associate them so much with the feminine fragrance spectrum that it is impossible for me as a man to wear 'Carnal Flower' or 'Eau de Magnolia' for example. Or let's say, almost impossible, because sometimes, quite privately, I spray something on myself and enjoy the wonderful flower aromas.
If you look around in the relevant forums, there are always men who claim that they wear these fragrances without further ado - but I haven't met anyone yet, and I'm a lot among people.
All right, you can still come. Anyway, here's another one I could take a chance on: Arquistes 'Boutonnière No 7'.

Gardenia (also called buttonhole flower, french 'Boutonnière', to which also other flowers belong, like camellia or carnation, therefore probably No 7) is a kind of little sister of the much louder, more indolent tuberose, which has more narcotic potential Nevertheless, as I said, she is a sister - hence: no all-clear!

In the past, gentlemen in the Sunday state liked to wear such a flower in the buttonhole on special occasions, quasi as a counterpart to the ladylike brooch. As a rule they were made of silk, but probably not everyone had such a silk flower. And so one or the other gardenia will actually have decorated the lapel of a gentleman in fine thread.
Well, back then. Today it might seem a bit too dandyish.
Anyway, I don't have a silk flower, but since newest 'Boutonnière No 7'.

The fragrance has been on the market for several years now, but without leaving any noticeable traces - apparently the men's world's need for a white-flowered fragrance is not too pronounced.
The criticisms were not exactly numerous, but predominantly positive, although not exuberant.
As I said, the world didn't seem to have waited for a masculine gardenia scent.

I do.

Why I didn't get it back then - I don't know. The fragrances of Arquiste are only sporadically available in this country and my interest in the world of fragrances is not always urgent. It takes time sometimes, but now I've indulged myself. And it was worth it: a really great fragrance!
However, and this is absolutely crucial: you really have to like the narcotic scent of gardenia, because this flower accord is absolutely at the centre of the scent. All other notes accentuate it at best, but do not appear excessively. But how they accentuate it - great!
A hint of hesperides in advance, replaced by green-grassy violet leaf, handed over to light vetiver notes, finally ending on a discreetly mossy background with soft castoreum notes. This round dance dances around the central gardenia chord without pushing itself even a second into the foreground. He consistently underlines the unsweet sides of the flower aroma by creating a kind of classic men's fragrance frame. If one leaves gardenia aside and reads the sequence Bergamot-violet-leaf-vetiver-oak moss-oak moss-bibergeil, then one has a basic structure for a rather modern, somewhat dandy men's fragrance (see 'Portayal Man' or 'Hommage à l'Homme').
If only the gardenia wasn't!
Luckily it is there and makes this fragrance something very special.

Years ago Neil Morris had already achieved something similar with 'Flowers for Men - Gardenia' and I assume that Rodrigo Flores-Roux studied this fragrance very well. I wouldn't go so far as to say he copied it. No, the differences (as far as my sample remains of the Morris fragrance is still sufficient...), especially in the base, are already recognizable, but the basic idea and implementation are surprisingly similar.
When it comes to refinement and the blending of notes, the fragrance of Flores-Roux is clearly ahead - if anyone understands his craft, then he!

I always find it funny when I see photos of Rodrigo Flores-Roux in leather trousers or even a leather shirt (he loves leather!), with a trimmed beard - a real pithy Latino guy - and then I think of his many successful flower scents (most recently his extremely flowery 'Latino Lover' for Carner): what a contrast!
In such a stately man-image I can imagine a white-flowered fragrance like the one he himself created, but in a Central European summer prosser like me, hmm...

Well, I'll try that.
Fortunately, the fragrance has an above-average durability, but remains in terms of projection in a frame that is appealing to me. No scent cloud running ahead of me by meters, but over many hours an extremely pleasant, fresh, green, almost a little salty vetiver flower scent.
At the beginning the gardenia trumps of course already, and this is also nice so, but by the missing sweetness the smell does not claw so firmly in the air, but remains rather light and floating, to which also the green nuances of the violet leaf and the Vetivers contribute
Whether 'Boutonnière No 7' will perhaps find more male wearers in the future, I dare to doubt - too lemminghaft is the behaviour of the vast majority of men when it comes to fragrance. In the chorus of the few flower scents dedicated to men, he will certainly have a say in the weighty little word.

The ladies wear it anyway.

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Jazzy76Jazzy76 5 years ago
A pleasant unisex aromatic mix to wear in every season . Unfortunately the sillage is quite weak
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