Governors Island 2018

Governors Island by Bond No. 9
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Governors Island is a popular perfume by Bond No. 9 for women and men and was released in 2018. The scent is woody It is still in production. Pronunciation
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AmbroxAmbrox CedarwoodCedarwood HoneyHoney Incense materialIncense material
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CoViD comments, seventh piece: rubber ducks and marshmallows
I had considered to rename this series to "Gummientchen-Kommentare" (rubber ducky comments), after an esteemed co-parfuma told me very nice and full of healthy humor that she likes to forgive me blind cups for that, but she doesn't read my series (at least not at the moment) because of the bad C-word in the title. Although I'm writing these comments here just for the excellent entertainment of the audience even in difficult times and therefore the blind trophies miss their real purpose completely, and although I can't rule out that my colleague is not alone with her attitude, I want to leave it at the well-known series title. Not just for the sake of continuity. After all, it should not be pretended that nothing is wrong. It is something.

Due to the currently valid initial restrictions, homework regulations and, most sadly, also due to the unemployment of the self-employed affected by the forced closures (in this country, unlike in poorer countries, however, thank God at least cushioned by state protective umbrellas), many have (or would have) just a lot of time to test fragrances. But not much opportunity to show scents on the big stage. Because we all sit more or less at home, and as far as we can still get out, to go shopping, or those who don't have home work, to the factory or to the office, social distancing is the order of the day. Unless a mouthguard is on top of the other person (then it's over anyway): how are our colleagues, customers, conversation partners supposed to perceive our scent at the now offered 2 meter distance? The history of the interplay between social distancing and scenting is yet to be written. In any case, strategies that can be considered include the consistent application of silage monsters and/or the unrestrained overdose. For my morning scent "In Between" by Urban Scents, only strategy B came into question because it is so extraordinarily light and volatile. In view of the indecent price of this scent, which I allowed myself in a fit of extravagance (perhaps a sign of the crisis, in the plague period there is said to have been such a thing) after years of sneaking around the day before yesterday, an expensive pleasure. But it was well received by my colleagues in the truest sense of the word.

Unfortunately, I have already written a comment about "In Between", so that today I make this fragrance the subject of my quarantine and curfew series here. I honestly admit I have reservations about the brand. I find the flacons terrible, I don't like the fragrances I've gotten to know so far (there aren't that many), I don't find the pricing policy comprehensible and it has something snobbish about it for me ($350 the flacon, without any comprehensible justification e.g. in the form of exquisite ingredients, on the contrary, it's company policy to use a lot of synthetics), and to make matters worse, I don't have a particularly intimate, emotionally positive relationship with either the USA or New York based on wonderful holiday memories, reading experiences or the like. Nevertheless, I claim to give such brands a fair chance to surprise me in a positive way, too.

But such a positive surprise did not come true for this specimen, which due to Zauber600's beautiful commentary had made it onto my watch list and from there via the souk into my sample box. Without first looking at the fragrance pyramid or the comments, I smelled marshmallows. Marshmallows in their not grilled (the Americans are supposed to do that with pleasure), fluffy-sweet basic form. And they are decorated with flower garlands. That was the image that came to mind in the first seconds. I can't help it, I'm sorry. This note then recedes after a few minutes; I find the further course of the fragrance to be decidedly linear, but with a slight back and forth movement of the scent. Actually, I smell sweetishly soft and unspecific wood notes for hours with relatively quiet sillage. And that's basically it for me. Somehow not so hot. Every now and then, every now and then, decidedly synthetic notes emerge and, for me, a chocolate note that is clearly so perceptible and perhaps provoked by one of the chemical substances here. Therefore I would address this fragrance (also) as a gourmand scent, especially after the marshmallow experience at the beginning. Since I like sweets in general and chocolate in particular for snacking, but not at all in perfumes (although the reverse method would be better for the figure), this alone is a KO-criterion.

Once again a mediocre rating from me for a much-loved and much-praised fragrance (after all, I'm not completely alone, see Parma's statement). I hope that the many fans won't take this moderate snub from me. Well, if you have planned a more or less regular daily scent commentary, sometimes the scents that don't inspire you to praise them have to be on it. All friends of Governors Island continue to enjoy it, and all those who love it, hate it, or don't care about it at all: Come through the rubber ducky times!
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The Anti-Bond
This fragrance is used to describe Governors Island. An island with old trees offering a wonderful view of the southern tip of Manhattan. Formerly a military facility to protect the New York harbour ... today a destination with many possibilities to relax and to trace the history in the partly still preserved buildings.

With Governors Island, Bond No.9 has created a relaxing fragrance that starts with lavender and a pleasant (slightly ozonized) note of ambroxan, which is then supported before a very individual resin/wood mix of incense - I call it incense stick vibes - that olfactorically suggests the forest. Everything is kept light and fresh by clean musk and blown through by a breeze of vetiver.

And now comes the surprise:
This fragrance, whose noisy siblings include Duro by Nassomato and Musk Aoud by Montale (and certainly a few others), is completely withdrawn and laid-back, without getting any loud at all or swinging excessively with the synthetic club. Even the Ambroxan is so supple that it doesn't burn away your nose hair.
Muscenone and also Anbroxan are used today in many well-known and popular fragrances .. here, however, really skillfully.

I am surprised and have been happy: As much as I love the often bold-synthetic style with the mostly more or less existing oronic-maritime-aquatic note of the bond scents ... this alternative to the previous portfolio had to be in my collection!
Genre: American Forest Impression

For whom: Lovers of rather withdrawn fragrances

When. When? Anyway... he always goes

Durability/Sillage: Loosely 9 hours/after 3-4 hours then slowly becomes more skinniger

Clear test recommendation!!

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