Omnia Pink Sapphire 2018

Omnia Pink Sapphire by Bvlgari
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Omnia Pink Sapphire is a perfume by Bvlgari for women and was released in 2018. The scent is floral-fruity. It is being marketed by LVMH.
We may earn a commission when you buy from links on our site, including the eBay Partner Network.

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Pink grapefruitPink grapefruit Pink pepperPink pepper
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FrangipaniFrangipani TiaréTiaré
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White muskWhite musk VanillaVanilla


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Helpful Review 9  
Does a fragrance always have to be complex?
After all the statements I now have to write a comment.

The bottle is familiar, as with the other Omnias.

The operation I find a bit difficult, because you can aim badly.

The scent is supposed to be inconsequential, boring, a drugstore scent.

Maybe so. But I don't think so. Tastes are different.

The fragrance is fresh but not blue, aquatic.
He is fruity, but no Escada fruit bomb.

Here I smell pink grapefruit, immediately followed by something slightly rosy, like peonies.
Yet the scent also remains fruity, somewhat sweet and light - which I think is nice.
Overall, a light fragrance, pleasing, not flashy.
But even a fresh simple fragrance can be attractive.
You do not always have to make a statement or fall with the door in the house.

Even clean, fresh, fruity, subtle can be attractive.

For me, currently, I really like subtle and clean scents.

And this one has a great fruity note.
Nice in winter to chase away the grey days and get in the mood for spring.

Tomorrow is supposed to be 16 degrees with sunshine where I live.

On 2/21!
A perfect day for Omnia pink sapphire., garden, sun, relax on Sunday.

In my statement I already said, I think the fragrance is great.

The durability is very good with me, by the way.
I often have problems with the fact that fragrances evaporate quickly.
Not here.
Even on clothes I can still smell the scent in the evening.
For a light, subtle fragrance very good
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Top Review 7  
I'll sprinkle sugar on my grapefruit!
With Pink Sapphire here comes another fragrance from Bvlgari's Omnia range, which are all nice fragrances in themselves, but not really outstanding, in my opinion. I haven't (yet) tried all the scents of it, but of the scents I already know, I liked the amethyst best so far.

Anyway, Pink Sapphire sounds really good too. First of all, I'm just reading that the top note is grapefruit, which I always find great as a citric scent.

And secondly, Pink Sapphire sounds like Star Sapphire, which makes me, how could it be otherwise, think of comics again. Because the Star Sapphires (there are several of them, but all of them are women) are a corps (similar to the Green Lantern Corps, who want to protect the whole universe from evil), who want to spread love in the whole universe and protect it, if necessary by force... well... :DD

But no matter, first back to the fragrance!

The fragrance:
The fragrance starts with the grapefruit, which smells nice, but doesn't come across as tingly as I thought. Nevertheless, it has a nice fragrance, and together with the sweet notes that also appear now, one almost has the impression as if some sugar had been sprinkled on this (previously peeled) fruit in order to soften the bitter taste somewhat :D
Since this sweetness comes across a little bit spicy, I would say that this comes from pink pepper.
After that the scent remains sweetish, which is probably due to the sweetish flowers, but I can't say which of the given flowers you can really smell. I know neither Frangipani nor the Tiaré really :D
In the base I still smell a light grapefruit, while the floral notes have become a little less conspicuous, but it still smells sweet. This could also be due to the musk, which is not very strong, but still a little smelly.
And at some point the fragrance suddenly seems to weaken and fade so slowly, which is also due to the fact that vanilla is somehow not used here at all, even though it is in the base. Yes, the scent is simple, but quite nice.

The Sillage and the shelf life:
Unfortunately, the Sillage is below average. In the beginning it might be possible to smell the scent from two or three meters, but soon you will only be able to smell the scent from close up. And if the weather is a bit cooler, it will probably fly even faster than you would like.
The shelf life is with approx. six hours in the middle range. But it's okay in summer.

The bottle:
Nothing has changed in the bottles from this fragrance series for years. You can still see two round, thick discs, which look as if they had been inserted into each other. The slightly transparent edge of the bottle is now pink. The pages consist of metal badges, on each of which the brand name can be seen. The upper part is slightly pressed down for spraying, so there is no lid. A beautiful bottle!

Well, I think it's a great fragrance. Of course it is a little inconspicuous, especially because of the not so strong Sillage, but it smells quite nice at least, even if strictly speaking it could smell like an 0815-fragrance, for most of them anyway. But for that it belongs to the well made 0815s, where you can't do anything wrong, especially if you're looking for a slightly citric-sweet scent for the summer and don't mind using simpler or mainstream scents, I mean, it doesn't always have to be a niche scent :D
But I would rather recommend the Aqua Allegorias from Guerlain among the casual summer mainstreamers in summer.

Anyway, this fragrance is quite nice as an occasional refresher on hot days. He's too weak to go out. It's perfect for daytime.

Well, would the stars of Sapphire be perfuming themselves with the scent? Well, probably already, after all it's a nice women's fragrance, the bottle is pink and resembles the purple colour of the Star Sapphire Corps, which only consists of women! ... Sooo,... you have learned something about comics again, he he he he, I make of you all real comic nerds :DD
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Top Review 18  
Out of Space
I like to call the colorful omnias "Saturn rings", and I enjoy their original design and the fragrances are also appealing to me
Nice, light evergreens that fit perfectly into everyday life.
Drugstore scents? Whatever.
I like to wear the aguileras too.
I do not always have to smell " special ".
I often feel very much like a mainstream person.

But Pink Sapphire dances pleasantly out of line.
The grapefruit is natural and full - very invigorating.
The pink pepper blends in softly and frangipani appears apart exotic.
The vanilla rounds off the rings sweetly.

A harmonious round ring of Saturn - from the outer space
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1 short view on the fragrance
Lily3013Lily3013 1 year ago
For me it's sweet floral, not fruity-floral. Sweet - I don't like so much. To make matters worse, my first associoation: cleaning supplies.
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