Bellodgia 1927 Parfum

Bellodgia (Parfum) by Caron
Bottle Design Félicie Wanpouille Bergaud
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Bellodgia (Parfum) is a popular perfume by Caron for women and was released in 1927. The scent is spicy-floral. Projection and longevity are above-average. The production was apparently discontinued.
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A fragrance like a valuable antiquarian work of art
The other day I read here, Guerlain fragrances were probably created more for the demimonde; those of Caron, on the other hand, were for ladies.
A traditional company like Guerlain with "curbside swallows" in connection to bring, just because one personally a fragrance does not agree, I find something daring. But be it so!
Was it yet at the end of the 19th century more or less unusual that ladies and especially young women scented themselves; more than a touch of lilac, violet or lavender was not considered appropriate.
Stronger oriental sensual fragrances were worn by artists, not quite respectable wenches and their male entourage.
This did not change until the beginning of the 20th century; that was when the fragrance creations now known as classics became literally "socially acceptable".
So far - so good!

That the fragrance creations of the House of Caron, however, underline the elegance of ladies, is undisputed.
The fragrances, which I was allowed to test so far and partly also wore, until the fillings were used up, were all characterized by their ladylike and elegant nature.

Here "Bellodgia" is no exception; only it receives a very special, slightly old-fashioned charm through the spicy delicacy of the cloves and the flowers accompanying them.
This perfume reminds me of one of those enchanting miniatures painted with a very fine brush, often with the help of a magnifying glass and a lot of patience, on ivory plates and filigree framed.
With a little luck, one can sometimes still find one of these when browsing in antique shops.

In the net I discovered a pyramid, which corresponds with the, not only by me perceived fragrances.
In contrast to the very modern chypre fragrances of the time, "Bellodgia" opens with a sea of curly-headed carnations and gorgeous scented roses.
Let's imagine these in our miniature painting in varying shades of pink and very delicate red.
The spicy, slightly stupefying scent of the cloves (I still love these flowers as much today as I did when I was a child and teenager) and the aroma of the graceful roses make a wonderful prelude.
In addition, aromatic-sensual jasmine, the endearing violet and the ever-so-slightly rushing to the fore lily of the valley: they form a charming-old-fashioned fragrance unit, which is tastefully arranged with the two already existing fragrance protagonists to a pretty bouquet of flowers.
The fine brush of the fragrance miniature painter dips for this skillfully in shimmering pearly white, strong violet - and here and there yellow for a little violet face - and a fine fine green-transparent white tone to also include lily of the valley accentuated.
Enchantingly fragrance-intensive and yet feminine-delicate this work of art so far.
The florality predominates and therefore is for the base something reached into the spice box.
Cloves and vanilla bean meet to the first warm-spicy and sensual final chord. For a feminine-enticing note provide additional sandalwood and musk:
And eternally tempts the woman!
Thus, the most diverse shades of brown are incorporated into this miniature with delicate momentum.
With last skilful brushstrokes a slightly antiquarian piece of jewellery is created, the value of which is still highly appreciated by me today.

For its floral delicacy, "Bellodgia" perfume has amazing longevity.
This floral decoration does not seem to wilt; even jasmine and lily of the valley avoid their usual subtle odor of decay in the course of the fragrance: this lady is and remains elegant through and through!
Her extraordinary beauty continues to beguile nearly a hundred years after her first appearance.
Ernest Daltroff has again succeeded in the feat of creating an unforgettable and, above all, everlasting fragrance.

Head over heels I have fallen in love with this fine-tuned fragrance lady.
She was supposed to be my go-to-sleep scent yesterday, but she became an appealing companion through that night.
And there is no doubt: "Bellodgia" will stay with me - until the last perfume droplet!
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