Zeitgeist 55 2015

Zeitgeist 55 by DSH Perfumes
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Zeitgeist 55 is a perfume by DSH Perfumes for women and men and was released in 2015. The scent is leathery-animal. It is still in production.
We may earn a commission when you buy from links on our site, including the eBay Partner Network.

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Bourbon whiskeyBourbon whiskey ImmortelleImmortelle BergamotBergamot Clary sageClary sage Egyptian geraniumEgyptian geranium
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LeatherLeather Peru balsamPeru balsam Tobacco absoluteTobacco absolute Gaiac woodGaiac wood Jasminum grandiflorumJasminum grandiflorum Mysore sandalwoodMysore sandalwood Orris rootOrris root Rosa centifolia absoluteRosa centifolia absolute
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Black leatherBlack leather Brown oakmossBrown oakmoss HyraceumHyraceum StyraxStyrax SuedeSuede AmbergrisAmbergris CastoreumCastoreum CostusCostus East indian patchouliEast indian patchouli MuskMusk


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7.67 Ratings
7.67 Ratings
6.313 Ratings
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Sometimes all it takes is whiskey and leather
"Sorry about that, Mr. Cover Story Hero, chicken wings are out."
"That's stupid....I could call Polly only then I'd have assassinated all the other cast members...where do these thoughts come from? I shouldn't have made killer melissa into tea, I've been so...bloodthirsty ever since. Well, maybe it's the zeitgeist. I'll wear Zeitgeist 55 from DSH today."

So our hero walked out of the butcher shop home and opened the mailbox.
"All the fan mail....from MonsieurTest, well. The Zeitgeist 55 smells delightfully oily-alcoholic, I'm just noticing. Like a mild-tart whiskey, it makes me thirsty. But what is it? An invitation to the ultimate Parfumo Research Challenge!"
The Parfumo Research Challenge was known all over Parfumoland. Once a year, there was a test of strength with the creators DVV, FF and EI. Only very few managed to complete the challenge without complaint, which is why there weren't many veterans to report on the challenge. All anyone knew was that since then, even experienced warriors like Yatagan had disappeared. So it was with appropriate reverence that the matter was approached. Our hero called Polly, the last remaining comrade-in-arms, and she accepted the Challenge with a determined Gaaaack!"

"Do you think we'll get MahatmaGandix to join in, or will she still wash up about the unpaid egg liqueurs?"
"Really rude of her, how can you quasi drink innocent chicks?"
"Bwoack, cluck!"
"Me, an omelette for breakfast? Oh where!"
"There's a picture of me at KFC? Customer of the year? Must be a lookalike, there are lots of bald men."
"Scharr, Pick, Pick."
"Chizza is the name of every other one. Chizzavache, Chispee, Nui Chizzakokolores etc. but now to the point, what do you think of DSH's Zeitgeist 55?"
"Cluck, pick, pick, scrape, bwoack, gagaaack, cluck, gagaack, gagaaack!"
"That's as good as it gets. I have nothing to add."

One went to the challenge and for the sake of completeness it should be mentioned that Zeitgeist 55 did not manage to hold the first minutes respectively the impression of the first minutes. The fragrance quickly weakened, it no longer smelled too intensely oily, the leather became weaker like a drying leather velour cloth. There was nothing floral here at all. The still life still offered the sight of tobacco leaves and a hint of balsam, as if the mechanic at the auto repair shop had rubbed himself in, in addition to the paling leather rag.

Start of the Challenge:
"You must be three, are only two, so we'll put someone with you. It's no stranger: Can777!"
"All right, let's do it, DVV!"
"You must re-suggest a fragrance, but beware! The year, perfumer and one other detail are not on the website!"
"Oh no, Polly! I don't have Instagram! Do you guys have that in chicken land?"
"Ah, that calms me down, and don't forget me screenshots. Anyone got a good camera? Can? Can? Caan? What's wrong with him? Why is he rubbing himself on that tree? I guess he wants us to suggest a resinous scent. All right."

Polly chickened out the lines in the re-proposal, you could find the release year and perfumer in Instagram posts. One also found the hurdle of the fragrance being exclusive to Holles Laundromat on Facebook. With that, they were through, they thought.
"That's right, FF and DVV are joyfully hopping around like Duracell bunnies, EI is already sharpening knives, what did we miss?"
"thank you, I've already had a bottle of whiskey with my omelet.....with my bun today."
"Pick, pick, pick."
"That's right, it smells almost entirely of mild whiskey. If you ask me, Zeitgeist55 is dimmed by oakmoss, now the scent seems cooler, slightly more austere, a bit more animalic. Castoreum often supports leather, that fits here yes."

On checking, I noticed that the perfumer was to be entered under Parfumeur (others) and that the label was already listed under a slightly modified name.
"Phew, another good one. Now what? Submit?"
The perfumo triumvirate of DVV, FF and EI put their heads together, they conferred and suddenly cooing laughter was heard from outside.
"Polly, did you bring your pigeon friends?"
"Gack!!! Gagaaack!"
"What, this is Melissa reincarnated?"
Indeed it was, recognizable by the blood-stained blossoms, the bazooka, and the blunt machete. Before she could once again cause a massacre, the high perfume lords voluntarily decided not to cross out interesting facts after all and let the new proposal pass without complaint. Also because Can still added screenshots in time.

"That was a close one, friends! I just don't understand why your screenshots went through, Can. There's nothing but trees, mushrooms, and forest floors to be seen. Kinda looks like some kind of nude art...."
Suddenly Can washed up, took off his Can costume, and put aside the vintage scents. Out came....
"Floyd! That figures!"

The finish of Zeitgeist 55 happens just as quickly, the scent unfortunately doesn't last too long and fades away gently alcoholic as well as slightly leathery, yet still coarse. Unfortunately, after several hours only nuances of it are to be recognized, everything else fell silent before.
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Realistic, smooth, lovely leather
DSH Perfumes Zeitgeist 55 is billed as a realistic leather scent and it most certainly lives up to that, and then some! I’m not the biggest fan of leather scents but enjoy some that are smooth or are effectively blended, and Zeitgeist 55 is both, very much smelling of authentic leatherware (a jacket, purse, or baseball glove, perhaps) but with slight spicy touches. It’s appropriately dark and somewhat dense but not overwhelmingly so, again, so that it’s more realistic.

This is perhaps the most realistic leather scent I’ve ever tried, reminiscent and roughly on par with the discontinued Coach Leatherware No. 3 in terms of the smooth-but-slightly-spicy texture, very much on par with what actual leather goods smell like.

I’m sampling the EDP but the main larger quantities are available in VDP, 60/30ml for $185/100ml, more or less in line with most of the line’s pricing. I’ll certainly want to seek out a decant or bottle of some size, myself, given the authenticity, care, and performance of this perfume.

8 out of 10
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